Grids by DXCC

The list below is our current Grids by DXCC database. If you spot any missing grid on any DXCC, please let us know.
Note: some DXCC (eg Brazil) are not fully covered by QO-100 footprint, hence why only the grids on the footprint are listed.

ADIF# Prefix Name Grids  
3 YA AFGHANISTAN ML09, ML19, ML29, ML39, MM00, MM01, MM02, MM03, MM04, MM05, MM10, MM11, MM12, MM13, MM14, MM15, MM16, MM20, MM21, MM22, MM23, MM24, MM25, MM26, MM27, MM30, MM31, MM32, MM33, MM34, MM35, MM36, MM37, MM41, MM42, MM43, MM44, MM45, MM46, MM47, MM53, MM54, MM55, MM56, MM57, MM58, MM66, MM67, MM76, MM77 map
5 OH0 ALAND ISLANDS JO99, JP90, KO09, KP00 map
7 ZA ALBANIA JM99, JN90, JN91, JN92, KM09, KN00, KN01, KN02 map
400 7X ALGERIA IL56, IL57, IL58, IL59, IL65, IL66, IL67, IL68, IL69, IL74, IL75, IL76, IL77, IL78, IL79, IL83, IL84, IL85, IL86, IL87, IL88, IL89, IL91, IL92, IL93, IL94, IL95, IL96, IL97, IL98, IL99, IM70, IM80, IM81, IM82, IM84, IM85, IM90, IM91, IM92, IM93, IM94, IM95, JK18, JK19, JK29, JK39, JL00, JL01, JL02, JL03, JL04, JL05, JL06, JL07, JL08, JL09, JL10, JL11, JL12, JL13, JL14, JL15, JL16, JL17, JL18, JL19, JL20, JL21, JL22, JL23, JL24, JL25, JL26, JL27, JL28, JL29, JL30, JL31, JL32, JL33, JL34, JL35, JL36, JL37, JL38, JL39, JL41, JL42, JL43, JL44, JL45, JL46, JL47, JL48, JL49, JL52, JL53, JL54, JL55, JM00, JM01, JM02, JM03, JM04, JM05, JM06, JM10, JM11, JM12, JM13, JM14, JM15, JM16, JM20, JM21, JM22, JM23, JM24, JM25, JM26, JM30, JM31, JM32, JM33, JM34, JM35, JM36, JM37, JM40, JM41, JM42, JM43, JM44, JM45, JM46 map
11 VU4 ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS NJ66, NJ67, NJ68, NJ69, NK60, NK61, NK62, NK63, NK64 map
203 C31 ANDORRA JN02 map
401 D2 ANGOLA JH52, JH53, JH54, JH62, JH63, JH64, JH65, JH66, JH67, JH68, JH69, JH72, JH73, JH74, JH75, JH76, JH77, JH78, JH79, JH82, JH83, JH84, JH85, JH86, JH87, JH88, JH89, JH92, JH93, JH94, JH95, JH96, JH97, JH98, JH99, JI60, JI61, JI62, JI63, JI64, JI65, JI70, JI71, JI72, JI73, JI74, JI80, JI81, JI82, JI83, JI84, JI90, JI91, JI92, KH01, KH02, KH03, KH04, KH05, KH06, KH07, KH08, KH09, KH12, KH13, KH17, KH18, KH19, KH27, KH28, KH29, KI00, KI01, KI02, KI03, KI10 map
195 3C0 ANNOBON JI28 map
13 CE9 ANTARCTICA HB64, HB74, HB75, HB76, HB83, HB84, HB85, HB86, HB92, HB93, HB94, HB95, HB96, IB01, IB02, IB03, IB04, IB05, IB06, IB07, IB11, IB12, IB13, IB14, IB15, IB16, IB17, IB18, IB21, IB22, IB23, IB24, IB25, IB26, IB27, IB28, IB29, IB31, IB32, IB33, IB34, IB35, IB36, IB37, IB38, IB39, IB40, IB41, IB42, IB43, IB44, IB45, IB46, IB47, IB48, IB49, IB50, IB51, IB52, IB53, IB54, IB55, IB56, IB57, IB58, IB59, IB60, IB61, IB62, IB63, IB64, IB65, IB66, IB67, IB68, IB69, IB70, IB71, IB72, IB73, IB74, IB75, IB76, IB77, IB78, IB79, IB80, IB81, IB82, IB83, IB84, IB85, IB86, IB87, IB88, IB89, IB90, IB91, IB92, IB93, IB94, IB95, IB96, IB97, IB98, IB99, IC90, IC91, JB00, JB01, JB02, JB03, JB04, JB05, JB06, JB07, JB08, JB09, JB10, JB11, JB12, JB13, JB14, JB15, JB16, JB17, JB18, JB19, JB20, JB21, JB22, JB23, JB24, JB25, JB26, JB27, JB28, JB29, JB30, JB31, JB32, JB33, JB34, JB35, JB36, JB37, JB38, JB39, JB40, JB41, JB42, JB43, JB44, JB45, JB46, JB47, JB48, JB49, JB50, JB51, JB52, JB53, JB54, JB55, JB56, JB57, JB58, JB59, JB60, JB61, JB62, JB63, JB64, JB65, JB66, JB67, JB68, JB69, JB70, JB71, JB72, JB73, JB74, JB75, JB76, JB77, JB78, JB79, JB80, JB81, JB82, JB83, JB84, JB85, JB86, JB87, JB88, JB89, JB90, JB91, JB92, JB93, JB94, JB95, JB96, JB97, JB98, JB99, KB00, KB01, KB02, KB03, KB04, KB05, KB06, KB07, KB08, KB09, KB10, KB11, KB12, KB13, KB14, KB15, KB16, KB17, KB18, KB19, KB20, KB21, KB22, KB23, KB24, KB25, KB26, KB27, KB28, KB29, KB30, KB31, KB32, KB33, KB34, KB35, KB36, KB37, KB38, KB39, KB40, KB41, KB42, KB43, KB44, KB45, KB46, KB47, KB48, KB49, KB50, KB51, KB52, KB53, KB54, KB55, KB56, KB57, KB58, KB59, KB60, KB61, KB62, KB63, KB64, KB65, KB66, KB67, KB68, KB69, KB70, KB71, KB72, KB73, KB74, KB75, KB76, KB77, KB78, KB79, KB80, KB81, KB82, KB83, KB84, KB85, KB86, KB87, KB88, KB89, KB90, KB91, KB92, KB93, KB94, KB95, KB96, KB97, KB98, KB99, KC00, KC10, KC20, KC30, KC40, KC50, KC51, KC60, KC61, KC70, KC71, KC80, KC81, KC90, KC91, LA09, LA19, LA29, LA39, LA49, LA59, LA69, LB00, LB01, LB02, LB03, LB04, LB05, LB06, LB07, LB08, LB09, LB10, LB11, LB12, LB13, LB14, LB15, LB16, LB17, LB18, LB19, LB20, LB21, LB22, LB23, LB24, LB25, LB26, LB27, LB28, LB29, LB30, LB31, LB32, LB33, LB34, LB35, LB36, LB37, LB38, LB39, LB40, LB41, LB42, LB43, LB44, LB45, LB46, LB47, LB48, LB49, LB50, LB51, LB52, LB53, LB54, LB55, LB56, LB57, LB58, LB59, LB60, LB61, LB62, LB63, LB64, LB65, LB66, LB67, LB68, LB69, LB70, LB71, LB72, LB73, LB74, LB75, LB76, LB77, LB78, LB79, LB80, LB81, LB82, LB83, LB84, LB85, LB86, LB87, LB88, LB89, LB90, LB91, LB92, LB93, LB94, LB95, LB96, LB97, LB98, LB99, LC00, LC01, LC10, LC11, LC12, LC20, LC21, LC22, LC30, LC31, LC32, LC33, LC40, LC41, LC42, LC43, LC50, LC51, LC52, LC53, LC54, LC60, LC61, LC62, LC63, LC64, LC70, LC71, LC72, LC73, LC74, LC80, LC81, LC82, LC83, LC90, LC91, LC92, LC93, MB00, MB01, MB02, MB03, MB04, MB05, MB06, MB07, MB08, MB09, MB10, MB11, MB12, MB13, MB14, MB15, MB16, MB17, MB18, MB19, MB21, MB22, MB23, MB24, MB25, MB26, MB27, MB28, MB29, MB31, MB32, MB33, MB34, MB35, MB36, MB37, MB38, MB39, MB41, MB42, MB43, MB44, MB45, MB46, MB47, MB48, MB49, MB52, MB53, MB54, MB55, MB56, MB57, MB58, MB59, MB62, MB63, MB64, MB65, MB66, MB67, MB68, MB69, MB73, MB74, MB75, MB76, MB77, MB78, MB79, MB83, MB84, MB85, MB86, MB87, MB88, MB89, MB94, MB95, MB96, MB97, MB98, MB99, MC00, MC01, MC02, MC03, MC10, MC11, MC12, MC20, MC21, MC22, MC30, MC31, MC32, MC40, MC41, MC42, MC50, MC51, MC52, MC60, MC61, MC70, MC71, MC80, MC81, MC90, MC91, MC92, NB05, NB06, NB07, NB08, NB09, NB16, NB17, NB18, NB19, NB27, NB28, NB29, NB38, NB39, NB49, NC00, NC01, NC02, NC03, NC04, NC10, NC11, NC12, NC13, NC14, NC20, NC21, NC22, NC23, NC24, NC30, NC31, NC32, NC33, NC34, NC40, NC41, NC42, NC43, NC44, NC50, NC51, NC52, NC53, NC54, NC62, NC63, NC64 map
100 LU ARGENTINA GG22, GG23, GG24, GG32, GG33, GG34 map
14 EK ARMENIA LM29, LM38, LM39, LN10, LN11, LN20, LN21 map
15 UA0 ASIATIC RUSSIA LO49, LO51, LO52, LO59, LO61, LO62, LO63, LO64, LO65, LO66, LO68, LO69, LO70, LO71, LO72, LO73, LO74, LO75, LO76, LO77, LO78, LO79, LO80, LO81, LO82, LO83, LO84, LO85, LO86, LO87, LO88, LO89, LO90, LO91, LO92, LO93, LO94, LO95, LO96, LO97, LO98, LO99, LP23, LP24, LP32, LP33, LP34, LP40, LP41, LP42, LP43, LP44, LP45, LP46, LP50, LP51, LP52, LP53, LP54, LP55, LP56, LP60, LP61, LP62, LP63, LP64, LP65, LP66, LP67, LP70, LP71, LP72, LP73, LP74, LP75, LP76, LP77, LP78, LP80, LP81, LP82, LP83, LP84, LP85, LP86, LP87, LP88, LP90, LP91, LP92, LP93, LP94, LP95, LP96, LP97, LP98, MO00, MO01, MO02, MO03, MO04, MO05, MO06, MO07, MO08, MO09, MO14, MO15, MO16, MO17, MO18, MO19, MO24, MO25, MO26, MO27, MO28, MO29, MO34, MO35, MO36, MO37, MO38, MO39, MO44, MO45, MO46, MO47, MO48, MO49, MO54, MO55, MO56, MO57, MO58, MO59, MO63, MO64, MO65, MO66, MO67, MO68, MO69, MO73, MO74, MO75, MO76, MO77, MO78, MO79, MO82, MO83, MO84, MO85, MO86, MO87, MO88, MO89, MO90, MO91, MO92, MO93, MO94, MO95, MO96, MO97, MO98, MO99, MP00, MP01, MP02, MP03, MP04, MP05, MP06, MP07, MP08, MP09, MP10, MP11, MP12, MP13, MP14, MP15, MP16, MP17, MP18, MP19, MP20, MP21, MP22, MP23, MP24, MP25, MP26, MP27, MP28, MP29, MP30, MP31, MP32, MP33, MP34, MP35, MP36, MP37, MP38, MP39, MP40, MP41, MP42, MP43, MP44, MP45, MP46, MP47, MP48, MP49, MP50, MP51, MP52, MP53, MP54, MP55, MP56, MP57, MP58, MP59, MP60, MP61, MP62, MP63, MP64, MP65, MP66, MP67, MP68, MP69, MP70, MP71, MP72, MP73, MP74, MP75, MP76, MP77, MP78, MP79, MP80, MP81, MP82, MP83, MP84, MP85, MP86, MP87, MP88, MP89, MP90, MP91, MP92, MP93, MP94, MP95, MP96, MP97, MP98, MP99, MQ30, MQ31, MQ40, MQ41, MQ42, MQ50, MQ51, MQ52, MQ53, MQ60, MQ61, MQ62, MQ70, MQ71, MQ72, MQ73, MQ80, MQ81, MQ82, MQ83, MQ90, MQ91, MQ92, MQ93, NO00, NO01, NO02, NO03, NO04, NO05, NO06, NO07, NO08, NO09, NO10, NO11, NO12, NO13, NO14, NO15, NO16, NO17, NO18, NO19, NO20, NO21, NO22, NO23, NO24, NO25, NO26, NO27, NO28, NO29, NO30, NO31, NO32, NO33, NO34, NO35, NO36, NO37, NO38, NO39, NO40, NO41, NO42, NO43, NO44, NO45, NO46, NO47, NO48, NO49, NO50, NO51, NO52, NO53, NO54, NO55, NO56, NO57, NO58, NO59, NO60, NO61, NO62, NO63, NO64, NO65, NO66, NO67, NO68, NO69, NO70, NO71, NO72, NO73, NO74, NO75, NO76, NO77, NO78, NO79, NO80, NO81, NO82, NO83, NO84, NO85, NO86, NO87, NO88, NO89, NO90, NO91, NO92, NO93, NO94, NO95, NO96, NO97, NO98, NO99, NP00, NP01, NP02, NP03, NP04, NP05, NP06, NP07, NP08, NP09, NP10, NP11, NP12, NP13, NP14, NP15, NP16, NP17, NP18, NP19, NP20, NP21, NP22, NP23, NP24, NP25, NP26, NP27, NP28, NP29, NP30, NP31, NP32, NP33, NP34, NP35, NP36, NP37, NP38, NP39, NP40, NP41, NP42, NP43, NP44, NP45, NP46, NP47, NP48, NP49, NP50, NP51, NP52, NP53, NP54, NP55, NP56, NP57, NP58, NP59, NP60, NP61, NP62, NP63, NP64, NP65, NP66, NP67, NP70, NP71, NP72, NP73, NP74, NP75, NP80, NP81, NP82, NP83, NQ00, NQ01, NQ02, NQ03, NQ10, NQ11, NQ12, NQ13, NQ20, NQ21, NQ22, NQ23, NQ30, NQ31, NQ32, NQ40 map
206 OE AUSTRIA JN46, JN47, JN56, JN57, JN66, JN67, JN68, JN76, JN77, JN78, JN79, JN86, JN87, JN88 map
18 4J AZERBAIJAN LM28, LM29, LM38, LM39, LM48, LM49, LN20, LN21, LN30, LN31, LN40, LN41, LN50 map
149 CU AZORES HM49, HM58, HM59, HM68, HM69, HM76, HM77 map
304 A9 BAHRAIN LL55, LL56 map
21 EA6 BALEARIC ISLANDS JM08, JM09, JM19, JM29, JN10, JN20 map
305 S2 BANGLADESH NL41, NL42, NL43, NL44, NL45, NL46, NL51, NL52, NL53, NL54, NL55, NL60, NL61, NL62, NL63, NL64, NL65 map
27 EU BELARUS KO11, KO12, KO13, KO21, KO22, KO23, KO24, KO31, KO32, KO33, KO34, KO35, KO36, KO41, KO42, KO43, KO44, KO45, KO46, KO51, KO52, KO53, KO54, KO55, KO63 map
209 ON BELGIUM JN29, JO10, JO11, JO20, JO21, JO30 map
416 TY BENIN JJ06, JJ07, JJ08, JJ09, JJ16, JJ17, JJ18, JJ19, JK00, JK01, JK10, JK11, JK12 map
306 A5 BHUTAN NL46, NL47, NL48, NL56, NL57, NL58, NL66, NL67 map
501 E7 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA JN74, JN75, JN82, JN83, JN84, JN85, JN92, JN93, JN94, JN95 map
402 A2 BOTSWANA KG03, KG04, KG05, KG06, KG07, KG08, KG09, KG13, KG14, KG15, KG16, KG17, KG18, KG19, KG24, KG25, KG26, KG27, KG28, KG29, KG35, KG36, KG37, KG38, KG39, KG47, KG48, KH00, KH01, KH10, KH11, KH20, KH21, KH22, KH30 map
108 PY BRAZIL GF35, GF36, GF37, GF38, GF39, GF47, GF48, GF49, GG20, GG21, GG22, GG24, GG25, GG26, GG27, GG28, GG29, GG30, GG31, GG32, GG33, GG34, GG35, GG36, GG37, GG38, GG39, GG40, GG41, GG42, GG43, GG44, GG45, GG46, GG47, GG48, GG49, GG50, GG51, GG52, GG53, GG54, GG55, GG56, GG57, GG58, GG59, GG64, GG65, GG66, GG67, GG68, GG69, GG75, GG76, GG77, GG78, GG79, GG86, GG87, GG88, GG89, GG96, GG97, GG98, GG99, GH20, GH21, GH22, GH23, GH24, GH25, GH26, GH27, GH28, GH29, GH30, GH31, GH32, GH33, GH34, GH35, GH36, GH37, GH38, GH39, GH40, GH41, GH42, GH43, GH44, GH45, GH46, GH47, GH48, GH49, GH50, GH51, GH52, GH53, GH54, GH55, GH56, GH57, GH58, GH59, GH60, GH61, GH62, GH63, GH64, GH65, GH66, GH67, GH68, GH69, GH70, GH71, GH72, GH73, GH74, GH75, GH76, GH77, GH78, GH79, GH80, GH81, GH82, GH83, GH84, GH85, GH86, GH87, GH88, GH89, GH90, GH91, GH92, GH93, GH94, GH95, GH96, GH97, GH98, GH99, GI00, GI01, GI02, GI03, GI04, GI05, GI06, GI07, GI08, GI09, GI10, GI11, GI12, GI13, GI14, GI15, GI16, GI17, GI18, GI19, GI20, GI21, GI22, GI23, GI24, GI25, GI26, GI27, GI28, GI29, GI30, GI31, GI32, GI33, GI34, GI35, GI36, GI37, GI38, GI39, GI40, GI41, GI42, GI43, GI44, GI45, GI46, GI47, GI48, GI49, GI50, GI51, GI52, GI53, GI54, GI55, GI56, GI57, GI58, GI59, GI60, GI61, GI62, GI63, GI64, GI65, GI66, GI67, GI68, GI69, GI70, GI71, GI72, GI73, GI74, GI75, GI76, GI77, GI78, GI80, GI81, GI82, GI83, GI84, GI85, GI86, GI87, GI90, GI91, GI92, GI93, GI94, GI95, GI96, GI97, GJ20, GJ21, GJ22, GJ30, GJ31, GJ32, GJ40, GJ41, GJ42, GJ43, GJ44, HH00, HH01, HH02, HH03, HH04, HH05, HH06, HH07, HH08, HH09, HH17, HH18, HH19, HI00, HI01, HI02, HI03, HI04, HI05, HI06, HI07, HI10, HI11, HI12, HI13, HI14, HI15, HI20, HI21, HI22, HI23, HI24 map
212 LZ BULGARIA KN11, KN12, KN13, KN14, KN21, KN22, KN23, KN31, KN32, KN33, KN34, KN41, KN42, KN43 map
480 XT BURKINA FASO IJ79, IJ89, IK70, IK71, IK72, IK73, IK80, IK81, IK82, IK83, IK84, IK90, IK91, IK92, IK93, IK94, IK95, JK00, JK01, JK02, JK03, JK04, JK11, JK12 map
404 9U BURUNDI KI45, KI46, KI47, KI55, KI56, KI57 map
312 XU CAMBODIA OK10, OK11, OK12, OK13, OK14, OK20, OK21, OK22, OK23, OK24, OK30, OK31, OK32, OK33, OK34 map
406 TJ CAMEROON JJ42, JJ43, JJ44, JJ45, JJ46, JJ52, JJ53, JJ54, JJ55, JJ56, JJ57, JJ62, JJ63, JJ64, JJ65, JJ66, JJ67, JJ68, JJ69, JJ71, JJ72, JJ73, JJ74, JJ75, JJ76, JJ77, JJ78, JJ79, JJ81, JJ82, JK60, JK61, JK70, JK71, JK72, JK73 map
29 EA8 CANARY ISLANDS IL07, IL08, IL17, IL18, IL27, IL28, IL38, IL39 map
409 D4 CAPE VERDE HK74, HK75, HK76, HK77, HK84, HK85, HK86 map
408 TL CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC JJ73, JJ74, JJ75, JJ76, JJ77, JJ82, JJ83, JJ84, JJ85, JJ86, JJ87, JJ93, JJ94, JJ95, JJ96, JJ97, JJ98, JJ99, KJ04, KJ05, KJ06, KJ07, KJ08, KJ09, KJ14, KJ15, KJ16, KJ17, KJ18, KJ19, KJ24, KJ25, KJ26, KJ27, KJ28, KJ35, KJ36, KJ37, KK00, KK10 map
32 EA9 CEUTA & MELILLA IM75, IM85 map
410 TT CHAD JJ77, JJ78, JJ79, JJ87, JJ88, JJ89, JJ98, JJ99, JK63, JK64, JK65, JK70, JK71, JK72, JK73, JK74, JK75, JK76, JK77, JK78, JK79, JK80, JK81, JK82, JK83, JK84, JK85, JK86, JK87, JK88, JK89, JK90, JK91, JK92, JK93, JK94, JK95, JK96, JK97, JK98, JK99, JL70, JL71, JL72, JL73, JL80, JL81, JL82, JL83, JL90, JL91, JL92, KJ09, KK00, KK01, KK02, KK03, KK04, KK05, KK06, KK07, KK08, KK09, KK10, KK11, KK12, KK13, KK14, KK15, KK16, KK17, KK18, KK19, KL00, KL01, KL10 map
33 VQ9 CHAGOS ISLANDS MI53, MI54, MI62, MI63, MI64 map
318 BY CHINA MM68, MM69, MM76, MM77, MM78, MM79, MM85, MM86, MM87, MM88, MM89, MM91, MM92, MM93, MM94, MM95, MM96, MM97, MM98, MM99, MN70, MN80, MN90, MN91, NL19, NL28, NL29, NL38, NL39, NL47, NL48, NL49, NL58, NL59, NL68, NL69, NL79, NL84, NL85, NL88, NL89, NL92, NL93, NL94, NL95, NL96, NL97, NL98, NL99, NM00, NM01, NM02, NM03, NM04, NM05, NM06, NM07, NM08, NM09, NM10, NM11, NM12, NM13, NM14, NM15, NM16, NM17, NM18, NM19, NM20, NM21, NM22, NM23, NM24, NM25, NM26, NM27, NM28, NM29, NM30, NM31, NM32, NM33, NM34, NM35, NM36, NM37, NM38, NM39, NM40, NM41, NM42, NM43, NM44, NM45, NM46, NM47, NM48, NM49, NM50, NM51, NM52, NM53, NM54, NM55, NM56, NM57, NM58, NM59, NM60, NM61, NM62, NM63, NM64, NM65, NM66, NM67, NM68, NM69, NM70, NM71, NM72, NM73, NM74, NM75, NM76, NM77, NM78, NM79, NM80, NM81, NM82, NM83, NM84, NM85, NM86, NM87, NM88, NM89, NM90, NM91, NM92, NM93, NM94, NM95, NM96, NM97, NM98, NM99, NN00, NN01, NN02, NN03, NN04, NN05, NN10, NN11, NN12, NN13, NN14, NN15, NN16, NN20, NN21, NN22, NN23, NN24, NN25, NN26, NN27, NN28, NN30, NN31, NN32, NN33, NN34, NN35, NN36, NN37, NN38, NN39, NN40, NN41, NN42, NN43, NN44, NN45, NN46, NN47, NN50, NN51, NN52, NN53, NN54, NN55, NN56, NN57, NN60, NN61, NN62, NN63, NN64, NN70, NN71, NN72, NN73, NN74, NN80, NN81, NN82, NN90, NN91, NN92, OL01, OL02, OL03, OL04, OL05, OL06, OL07, OL08, OL09, OL12, OL13, OL14, OL15, OL16, OL17, OL18, OL19, OL22, OL23, OL24, OL25, OL26, OL27, OL28, OL29, OL31, OL32, OL33, OL34, OL35, OL36, OM00, OM01, OM02, OM03, OM04, OM05, OM06, OM07, OM08, OM09, OM10, OM11, OM12, OM13, OM14, OM15, OM16, OM17, OM18, OM19, OM20, OM21, OM22, OM23, OM24, OM25, OM26, OM27, OM28, OM29, ON00, ON01, ON02, ON10, ON11, ON12, ON20, ON21 map
411 D6 COMOROS LH17, LH18, LH27 map
214 TK CORSICA JN41, JN42, JN43 map
428 TU COTE D'IVOIRE IJ56, IJ57, IJ58, IJ59, IJ64, IJ65, IJ66, IJ67, IJ68, IJ69, IJ74, IJ75, IJ76, IJ77, IJ78, IJ79, IJ85, IJ86, IJ87, IJ88, IJ89, IK50, IK60, IK70 map
40 SV9 CRETE KM14, KM15, KM24, KM25, KM34, KM35 map
497 9A CROATIA JN64, JN65, JN72, JN73, JN74, JN75, JN76, JN82, JN83, JN84, JN85, JN86, JN92, JN94, JN95 map
41 FT5/W CROZET ISLAND LE53, LE54, LE63 map
215 5B CYPRUS KM64, KM65, KM74, KM75 map
503 OK CZECH REPUBLIC JN68, JN69, JN78, JN79, JN88, JN89, JN98, JN99, JO60, JO70, JO71, JO80, JO90 map
414 9Q DEM. REP. OF THE CONGO JI63, JI64, JI65, JI74, JI75, JI76, JI81, JI82, JI83, JI84, JI85, JI86, JI87, JI88, JI89, JI91, JI92, JI93, JI94, JI95, JI96, JI97, JI98, JI99, JJ80, JJ81, JJ90, JJ91, JJ92, JJ93, JJ94, JJ95, KH18, KH19, KH28, KH29, KH37, KH38, KH39, KH46, KH47, KH48, KH49, KI00, KI01, KI02, KI03, KI04, KI05, KI06, KI07, KI08, KI09, KI10, KI11, KI12, KI13, KI14, KI15, KI16, KI17, KI18, KI19, KI20, KI21, KI22, KI23, KI24, KI25, KI26, KI27, KI28, KI29, KI30, KI31, KI32, KI33, KI34, KI35, KI36, KI37, KI38, KI39, KI40, KI41, KI42, KI43, KI44, KI45, KI46, KI47, KI48, KI49, KI51, KI52, KJ00, KJ01, KJ02, KJ03, KJ04, KJ10, KJ11, KJ12, KJ13, KJ14, KJ20, KJ21, KJ22, KJ23, KJ24, KJ25, KJ30, KJ31, KJ32, KJ33, KJ34, KJ35, KJ40, KJ41, KJ42, KJ43, KJ44, KJ50, KJ51, KJ52, KJ53, KJ54 map
221 OZ DENMARK JO44, JO45, JO46, JO47, JO54, JO55, JO56, JO57, JO64, JO65, JO66, JO74, JO75 map
382 J2 DJIBOUTI LK00, LK01, LK10, LK11, LK12 map
45 SV5 DODECANESE KM35, KM36, KM37, KM46 map
478 SU EGYPT KL22, KL23, KL24, KL25, KL26, KL27, KL28, KL29, KL32, KL33, KL34, KL35, KL36, KL37, KL38, KL39, KL42, KL43, KL44, KL45, KL46, KL47, KL48, KL49, KL52, KL53, KL54, KL55, KL56, KL57, KL58, KL59, KL62, KL63, KL64, KL65, KL66, KL67, KL68, KL69, KL72, KL73, KL74, KL75, KL76, KL77, KL78, KL79, KM20, KM21, KM30, KM31, KM40, KM41, KM50, KM51, KM60, KM61, KM70, KM71 map
223 G ENGLAND IN69, IN79, IO70, IO71, IO80, IO81, IO82, IO83, IO84, IO85, IO90, IO91, IO92, IO93, IO94, IO95, JO00, JO01, JO02, JO03 map
49 3C EQUATORIAL GUINEA JJ40, JJ41, JJ42, JJ43, JJ51, JJ52 map
51 E3 ERITREA KK84, KK85, KK86, KK87, KK94, KK95, KK96, KK97, LK02, LK03, LK04, LK05, LK06, LK12, LK13 map
52 ES ESTONIA KO07, KO08, KO17, KO18, KO19, KO27, KO28, KO29, KO37, KO38, KO39, KO49 map
53 ET ETHIOPIA KJ67, KJ68, KJ69, KJ74, KJ75, KJ76, KJ77, KJ78, KJ79, KJ83, KJ84, KJ85, KJ86, KJ87, KJ88, KJ89, KJ93, KJ94, KJ95, KJ96, KJ97, KJ98, KJ99, KK70, KK71, KK72, KK80, KK81, KK82, KK83, KK84, KK90, KK91, KK92, KK93, KK94, LJ04, LJ05, LJ06, LJ07, LJ08, LJ09, LJ14, LJ15, LJ16, LJ17, LJ18, LJ19, LJ24, LJ25, LJ26, LJ27, LJ28, LJ36, LJ37, LJ38, LK00, LK01, LK02, LK03, LK04, LK10, LK11, LK12 map
54 UA EUROPEAN RUSSIA KN64, KN65, KN74, KN75, KN84, KN85, KN86, KN87, KN93, KN94, KN95, KN96, KN97, KN98, KN99, KO36, KO37, KO38, KO39, KO45, KO46, KO47, KO48, KO49, KO52, KO53, KO54, KO55, KO56, KO57, KO58, KO59, KO62, KO63, KO64, KO65, KO66, KO67, KO68, KO69, KO70, KO71, KO72, KO73, KO74, KO75, KO76, KO77, KO78, KO79, KO80, KO81, KO82, KO83, KO84, KO85, KO86, KO87, KO88, KO89, KO90, KO91, KO92, KO93, KO94, KO95, KO96, KO97, KO98, KO99, KP40, KP41, KP50, KP51, KP52, KP53, KP54, KP55, KP56, KP57, KP58, KP59, KP60, KP61, KP62, KP63, KP64, KP65, KP66, KP67, KP68, KP69, KP70, KP71, KP72, KP73, KP74, KP75, KP76, KP77, KP78, KP79, KP80, KP81, KP82, KP83, KP84, KP85, KP86, KP87, KP88, KP89, KP90, KP91, KP92, KP93, KP94, KP95, KP96, KP97, KP98, LN03, LN04, LN05, LN06, LN07, LN08, LN09, LN12, LN13, LN14, LN15, LN16, LN17, LN18, LN19, LN22, LN23, LN24, LN25, LN26, LN27, LN28, LN29, LN31, LN32, LN33, LN34, LN35, LN36, LN37, LN38, LN39, LN41, LN45, LN46, LN47, LO00, LO01, LO02, LO03, LO04, LO05, LO06, LO07, LO08, LO09, LO10, LO11, LO12, LO13, LO14, LO15, LO16, LO17, LO18, LO19, LO20, LO21, LO22, LO23, LO24, LO25, LO26, LO27, LO28, LO29, LO30, LO31, LO32, LO33, LO34, LO35, LO36, LO37, LO38, LO39, LO40, LO41, LO42, LO43, LO44, LO45, LO46, LO47, LO48, LO49, LO51, LO52, LO53, LO54, LO55, LO56, LO57, LO58, LO59, LO63, LO64, LO65, LO66, LO67, LO68, LO69, LO75, LO76, LO77, LO78, LO87, LO88, LP00, LP01, LP02, LP03, LP04, LP05, LP06, LP07, LP10, LP11, LP12, LP13, LP14, LP15, LP16, LP17, LP18, LP20, LP21, LP22, LP23, LP24, LP25, LP26, LP27, LP28, LP30, LP31, LP32, LP33, LP34, LP35, LP36, LP37, LP38, LP40, LP41, LP42, LP43, LP44, LP45, LP46, LP47, LP48, LP49, LP50, LP51, LP52, LP53, LP54, LP55, LP56, LP57, LP58, LP59, LP60, LP67, LP68, LP77, LP78, LP87, LP88, LP96, LP97, LP98, MP06, MP07, MP08, MP09, MP17, MP18, MP19, MP28, MP29 map
230 DL FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY JN37, JN38, JN39, JN47, JN48, JN49, JN57, JN58, JN59, JN67, JN68, JN69, JO20, JO21, JO30, JO31, JO32, JO33, JO34, JO40, JO41, JO42, JO43, JO44, JO45, JO50, JO51, JO52, JO53, JO54, JO60, JO61, JO62, JO63, JO64, JO70, JO71, JO72, JO73, JO74 map
224 OH FINLAND KO09, KO19, KO29, KP00, KP01, KP02, KP03, KP08, KP09, KP10, KP11, KP12, KP13, KP14, KP16, KP17, KP18, KP20, KP21, KP22, KP23, KP24, KP25, KP26, KP27, KP28, KP29, KP30, KP31, KP32, KP33, KP34, KP35, KP36, KP37, KP38, KP39, KP40, KP41, KP42, KP43, KP44, KP45, KP46, KP47, KP48, KP49, KP51, KP52, KP53, KP54, KP55, KQ30 map
227 F FRANCE IN77, IN78, IN86, IN87, IN88, IN92, IN93, IN94, IN95, IN96, IN97, IN98, IN99, JN02, JN03, JN04, JN05, JN06, JN07, JN08, JN09, JN12, JN13, JN14, JN15, JN16, JN17, JN18, JN19, JN23, JN24, JN25, JN26, JN27, JN28, JN29, JN32, JN33, JN34, JN35, JN36, JN37, JN38, JN39, JN48, JN49, JO00, JO10, JO11, JO20 map
61 R1F FRANZ JOSEF LAND LQ49, LQ59, LR20, LR30, LR40, LR50 map
63 FY FRENCH GUIANA GJ22, GJ23, GJ24, GJ25, GJ32, GJ33, GJ34, GJ35, GJ43, GJ44 map
420 TR GABON JI47, JI48, JI49, JI56, JI57, JI58, JI59, JI67, JI68, JI69, JI77, JI78, JI79, JJ40, JJ41, JJ50, JJ51, JJ52, JJ60, JJ61, JJ62, JJ70, JJ71 map
75 4L GEORGIA LN01, LN02, LN03, LN11, LN12, LN13, LN21, LN22, LN31, LN32 map
424 9G GHANA IJ84, IJ85, IJ86, IJ87, IJ88, IJ89, IJ94, IJ95, IJ96, IJ97, IJ98, IJ99, IK80, IK90, IK91, JJ05, JJ06, JJ07, JJ08, JJ09, JK00, JK01 map
233 ZB2 GIBRALTAR IM76 map
236 SV GREECE JM99, KM06, KM07, KM08, KM09, KM15, KM16, KM17, KM18, KM19, KM26, KM27, KM28, KM29, KM36, KM37, KM38, KM39, KN00, KN01, KN10, KN11, KN20, KN21, KN30, KN31 map
237 OX GREENLAND GO79, GO89, GP70, GP71, GP72, GP73, GP80, GP81, GP82, GP83, GP84, GP85, GP92, GP93, GP94, GP95, GP96, GP97, HP05, HP06, HP07, HP08, HP09, HP15, HP16, HP17, HP18, HP19, HP25, HP26, HP27, HP28, HP29, HP36, HP37, HP38, HP39, HP48, HP49, HP58, HP59, HP68, HP69, HP79, HP89, HQ10, HQ20, HQ21, HQ22, HQ30, HQ31, HQ32, HQ33, HQ40, HQ41, HQ42, HQ43, HQ44, HQ45, HQ50, HQ51, HQ52, HQ53, HQ54, HQ60, HQ61, HQ62, HQ63, HQ64, HQ65, HQ70, HQ71, HQ72, HQ73, HQ74, HQ75, HQ76, HQ80, HQ81, HQ82, HQ83, HQ84, HQ85, HQ86, HQ90, HQ91, HQ92, HQ93, HQ94, HQ95, HQ96, HQ97, IQ04, IQ05, IQ06, IQ07, IQ14, IQ15, IQ17 map
106 GU GUERNSEY IN89 map
107 3XA GUINEA IJ29, IJ39, IJ48, IJ49, IJ57, IJ58, IJ59, IJ68, IJ69, IK20, IK21, IK30, IK31, IK32, IK40, IK41, IK42, IK50, IK51, IK52, IK60 map
109 J5 GUINEA-BISSAU IK11, IK12, IK20, IK21, IK22, IK31, IK32 map
111 VK0H HEARD ISLAND MD66, MD67 map
239 HA HUNGARY JN85, JN86, JN87, JN88, JN95, JN96, JN97, JN98, KN06, KN07, KN08, KN17, KN18 map
242 TF ICELAND HP74, HP75, HP83, HP84, HP85, HP86, HP93, HP94, HP95, HP96, IP03, IP04, IP05, IP06, IP13, IP14, IP15, IP16, IP24, IP25, IP26, IP34, IP35 map
324 VU INDIA MJ88, MJ89, MJ98, MJ99, MK65, MK66, MK67, MK68, MK69, MK70, MK71, MK72, MK73, MK74, MK75, MK76, MK77, MK78, MK79, MK80, MK81, MK82, MK83, MK84, MK85, MK86, MK87, MK88, MK89, MK90, MK91, MK92, MK93, MK94, MK95, MK96, MK97, MK98, MK99, ML41, ML42, ML43, ML44, ML46, ML47, ML50, ML51, ML52, ML53, ML54, ML55, ML56, ML57, ML60, ML61, ML62, ML63, ML64, ML65, ML66, ML67, ML68, ML69, ML70, ML71, ML72, ML73, ML74, ML75, ML76, ML77, ML78, ML79, ML80, ML81, ML82, ML83, ML84, ML85, ML86, ML87, ML88, ML89, ML90, ML91, ML92, ML93, ML94, ML95, ML96, ML97, ML98, ML99, MM60, MM70, MM71, MM72, MM73, MM74, MM80, MM81, MM82, MM83, MM84, MM85, MM90, MM91, MM92, MM93, MM94, NK02, NK03, NK04, NK05, NK06, NK07, NK08, NK09, NK16, NK17, NK18, NK19, NK28, NK29, NK39, NL00, NL01, NL02, NL03, NL04, NL05, NL06, NL07, NL08, NL09, NL10, NL11, NL12, NL13, NL14, NL15, NL16, NL17, NL20, NL21, NL22, NL23, NL24, NL25, NL26, NL27, NL30, NL31, NL32, NL33, NL34, NL35, NL36, NL41, NL42, NL43, NL44, NL45, NL46, NL47, NL52, NL53, NL54, NL55, NL56, NL62, NL63, NL64, NL65, NL66, NL67, NL68, NL73, NL74, NL75, NL76, NL77, NL78, NL79, NL87, NL88, NL89, NM00 map
327 YB INDONESIA NI89, NI97, NI98, NI99, NJ72, NJ74, NJ75, NJ80, NJ81, NJ82, NJ83, NJ84, NJ85, NJ90, NJ91, NJ92, NJ93, NJ94, OI06, OI07, OI08, OI09, OI14, OI15, OI16, OI17, OI18, OI19, OI23, OI24, OI25, OI26, OI27, OI28, OI29, OI32, OI33, OI34, OI36, OI37, OI38, OJ00, OJ01, OJ02, OJ10, OJ11, OJ20, OJ21 map
330 EP IRAN LL57, LL58, LL59, LL66, LL67, LL68, LL69, LL75, LL76, LL77, LL78, LL79, LL85, LL86, LL87, LL88, LL89, LL95, LL96, LL97, LL98, LL99, LM23, LM24, LM25, LM26, LM27, LM28, LM29, LM31, LM32, LM33, LM34, LM35, LM36, LM37, LM38, LM39, LM40, LM41, LM42, LM43, LM44, LM45, LM46, LM47, LM48, LM49, LM50, LM51, LM52, LM53, LM54, LM55, LM56, LM57, LM60, LM61, LM62, LM63, LM64, LM65, LM66, LM67, LM70, LM71, LM72, LM73, LM74, LM75, LM76, LM77, LM78, LM80, LM81, LM82, LM83, LM84, LM85, LM86, LM87, LM88, LM90, LM91, LM92, LM93, LM94, LM95, LM96, LM97, ML05, ML06, ML07, ML08, ML09, ML16, ML17, ML18, MM00, MM01, MM02, MM03, MM04, MM05, MM06, MM07 map
333 YI IRAQ KM92, KM93, LL19, LL29, LL39, LM01, LM02, LM03, LM04, LM05, LM06, LM10, LM11, LM12, LM13, LM14, LM15, LM16, LM17, LM20, LM21, LM22, LM23, LM24, LM25, LM26, LM27, LM30, LM31, LM32, LM33, LM35, LM40 map
245 EI IRELAND IO41, IO42, IO43, IO44, IO51, IO52, IO53, IO54, IO55, IO61, IO62, IO63, IO64, IO65 map
114 GD ISLE OF MAN IO74 map
336 4X ISRAEL KL79, KM70, KM71, KM72, KM73 map
248 I ITALY JM56, JM65, JM66, JM67, JM68, JM76, JM77, JM78, JM79, JM87, JM88, JM89, JM99, JN33, JN34, JN35, JN43, JN44, JN45, JN46, JN51, JN52, JN53, JN54, JN55, JN56, JN57, JN60, JN61, JN62, JN63, JN64, JN65, JN66, JN67, JN70, JN71, JN72, JN80, JN81, JN90 map
117 4U1ITU ITU HQ JN36 map
118 JX JAN MAYEN IQ50, IQ51, IQ61 map
122 GJ JERSEY IN89 map
342 JY JORDAN KL79, KL89, KM70, KM71, KM72, KM80, KM81, KM82, KM91, KM92, KM93 map
124 FT/J JUAN DE NOVA, EUROPA KG98, LG07, LH12 map
126 UA2 KALININGRAD JO94, KO04, KO05, KO14, KO15 map
130 UN KAZAKHSTAN LN37, LN38, LN39, LN46, LN47, LN48, LN49, LN53, LN54, LN55, LN56, LN57, LN58, LN59, LN61, LN62, LN63, LN64, LN65, LN66, LN67, LN68, LN69, LN71, LN72, LN73, LN74, LN75, LN76, LN77, LN78, LN79, LN85, LN86, LN87, LN88, LN89, LN95, LN96, LN97, LN98, LN99, LO30, LO40, LO41, LO50, LO51, LO60, LO61, LO70, LO80, LO81, LO90, MN03, MN04, MN05, MN06, MN07, MN08, MN09, MN13, MN14, MN15, MN16, MN17, MN18, MN19, MN22, MN23, MN24, MN25, MN26, MN27, MN28, MN29, MN30, MN31, MN32, MN33, MN34, MN35, MN36, MN37, MN38, MN39, MN40, MN41, MN42, MN43, MN44, MN45, MN46, MN47, MN48, MN49, MN52, MN53, MN54, MN55, MN56, MN57, MN58, MN59, MN62, MN63, MN64, MN65, MN66, MN67, MN68, MN69, MN71, MN72, MN73, MN74, MN75, MN76, MN77, MN78, MN79, MN82, MN83, MN84, MN85, MN86, MN87, MN88, MN89, MN92, MN93, MN94, MN95, MN96, MN97, MN98, MN99, MO00, MO01, MO02, MO03, MO10, MO11, MO12, MO13, MO14, MO20, MO21, MO22, MO23, MO24, MO30, MO31, MO32, MO33, MO34, MO40, MO41, MO42, MO43, MO44, MO45, MO50, MO51, MO52, MO53, MO54, MO55, MO60, MO61, MO62, MO63, MO64, MO70, MO71, MO72, MO73, MO74, MO80, MO81, MO82, MO83, MO84, MO90, MO91, MO92, NN02, NN03, NN04, NN05, NN06, NN07, NN08, NN09, NN15, NN16, NN17, NN18, NN19, NN26, NN27, NN28, NN29, NN38, NN39, NO00, NO01, NO10, NO20 map
430 5Z KENYA KI69, KI77, KI78, KI79, KI86, KI87, KI88, KI89, KI95, KI96, KI97, KI98, KI99, KJ60, KJ70, KJ71, KJ72, KJ73, KJ74, KJ80, KJ81, KJ82, KJ83, KJ84, KJ90, KJ91, KJ92, KJ93, LI06, LI07, LI08, LI09, LJ00, LJ01, LJ02, LJ03, LJ04 map
468 3DA KINGDOM OF ESWATINI KG52, KG53, KG54, KG63, KG64 map
348 9K KUWAIT LL38, LL39, LL48, LL49, LM30, LM40 map
135 EX KYRGYZSTAN MM49, MM59, MM69, MN40, MN50, MN51, MN52, MN60, MN61, MN62, MN63, MN70, MN71, MN72, MN73, MN80, MN81, MN82, MN91, MN92, NN02 map
143 XW LAOS OK07, OK08, OK09, OK17, OK18, OK19, OK23, OK24, OK25, OK26, OK27, OK28, OK29, OK33, OK34, OK35, OK36, OK37, OL00, OL01, OL02, OL10, OL11, OL12, OL20 map
145 YL LATVIA KO06, KO07, KO16, KO17, KO26, KO27, KO28, KO35, KO36, KO37, KO46 map
354 OD LEBANON KM73, KM74, KM83, KM84 map
432 7P LESOTHO KF39, KF49, KG30, KG31, KG40, KG41 map
434 EL LIBERIA IJ45, IJ46, IJ47, IJ48, IJ54, IJ55, IJ56, IJ57, IJ58, IJ64, IJ65, IJ66 map
436 5A LIBYA JL45, JL46, JL47, JL48, JL49, JL53, JL54, JL55, JL56, JL57, JL58, JL59, JL62, JL63, JL64, JL65, JL66, JL67, JL68, JL69, JL72, JL73, JL74, JL75, JL76, JL77, JL78, JL79, JL82, JL83, JL84, JL85, JL86, JL87, JL88, JL89, JL91, JL92, JL93, JL94, JL95, JL96, JL97, JL98, JL99, JM40, JM50, JM51, JM52, JM53, JM60, JM61, JM62, JM70, JM71, JM72, JM80, JM81, JM90, JM91, JM92, KK19, KL00, KL01, KL02, KL03, KL04, KL05, KL06, KL07, KL08, KL09, KL10, KL11, KL12, KL13, KL14, KL15, KL16, KL17, KL18, KL19, KL20, KL21, KL22, KL23, KL24, KL25, KL26, KL27, KL28, KL29, KM00, KM01, KM02, KM10, KM11, KM12, KM20, KM21, KM22 map
146 LY LITHUANIA KO05, KO06, KO13, KO14, KO15, KO16, KO23, KO24, KO25, KO26, KO34, KO35 map
254 LX LUXEMBOURG JN29, JN39, JO20, JO30 map
438 5R MADAGASCAR LG15, LG16, LG17, LG18, LG19, LG24, LG25, LG26, LG27, LG28, LG29, LG34, LG35, LG36, LG37, LG38, LG39, LG47, LG48, LG49, LH12, LH20, LH21, LH22, LH23, LH24, LH30, LH31, LH32, LH33, LH34, LH35, LH36, LH40, LH41, LH42, LH43, LH44, LH45, LH46, LH47, LH48, LH53, LH54, LH55, LH56 map
256 CT3 MADEIRA ISLANDS IM10, IM12, IM13, IM20 map
440 7Q MALAWI KH65, KH66, KH67, KH68, KH69, KH72, KH73, KH74, KH75, KH76, KH77, KH78, KH79, KI60 map
159 8Q MALDIVES MI69, MJ60, MJ61, MJ62, MJ63, MJ64, MJ65, MJ66, MJ67 map
442 TZ MALI IK34, IK42, IK43, IK44, IK45, IK50, IK51, IK52, IK53, IK54, IK55, IK60, IK61, IK62, IK63, IK64, IK65, IK70, IK71, IK72, IK73, IK74, IK75, IK76, IK77, IK78, IK79, IK83, IK84, IK85, IK86, IK87, IK88, IK89, IK94, IK95, IK96, IK97, IK98, IK99, IL60, IL61, IL62, IL63, IL64, IL70, IL71, IL72, IL73, IL74, IL75, IL80, IL81, IL82, IL83, IL84, IL90, IL91, IL92, IL93, JK05, JK06, JK07, JK08, JK09, JK15, JK16, JK17, JK18, JK19, JK26, JK27, JK28, JK29, JL00, JL01, JL10 map
257 9H MALTA JM75, JM76 map
167 OJ0 MARKET REEF JP90 map
444 5T MAURITANIA IK16, IK17, IK18, IK19, IK26, IK27, IK28, IK29, IK34, IK35, IK36, IK37, IK38, IK39, IK45, IK46, IK47, IK48, IK49, IK55, IK56, IK57, IK58, IK59, IK65, IK66, IK67, IK68, IK69, IK75, IK76, IK77, IK78, IK79, IL10, IL11, IL20, IL21, IL30, IL31, IL32, IL33, IL40, IL41, IL42, IL43, IL44, IL45, IL50, IL51, IL52, IL53, IL54, IL55, IL56, IL57, IL60, IL61, IL62, IL63, IL64, IL65, IL66, IL75 map
169 FH MAYOTTE LH26, LH27 map
179 ER MOLDOVA KN37, KN38, KN45, KN46, KN47, KN48, KN56 map
260 3A MONACO JN33 map
363 JT MONGOLIA NN48, NN49, NN55, NN56, NN57, NN58, NN59, NN64, NN65, NN66, NN67, NN68, NN69, NN73, NN74, NN75, NN76, NN77, NN78, NN79, NN82, NN83, NN84, NN85, NN86, NN87, NN88, NN89, NN92, NN93, NN94, NN95, NN96, NN97, NN98, NN99, NO50, NO60, NO70, NO90, NO91, ON02, ON03, ON04, ON05, ON06, ON07, ON08, ON09, ON11, ON12, ON13, ON14, ON15, ON16, ON17, ON18, ON19, OO00, OO01 map
514 4O MONTENEGRO JN91, JN92, JN93, KN02, KN03 map
446 CN MOROCCO IL37, IL38, IL47, IL48, IL49, IL57, IL58, IL59, IL69, IL79, IM50, IM51, IM52, IM53, IM60, IM61, IM62, IM63, IM64, IM65, IM70, IM71, IM72, IM73, IM74, IM75, IM80, IM81, IM82, IM83, IM84, IM85, IM92, IM93, IM94 map
181 C9 MOZAMBIQUE KG54, KG55, KG56, KG57, KG58, KG63, KG64, KG65, KG66, KG67, KG68, KG69, KG74, KG75, KG76, KG77, KG78, KG79, KH53, KH54, KH55, KH60, KH61, KH62, KH63, KH64, KH65, KH70, KH71, KH72, KH73, KH74, KH75, KH76, KH77, KH78, KH81, KH82, KH83, KH84, KH85, KH86, KH87, KH88, KH92, KH93, KH94, KH95, KH96, KH97, KH98, KH99, LH03, LH04, LH05, LH06, LH07, LH08, LH09 map
309 XZ MYANMAR NJ99, NK68, NK69, NK75, NK76, NK77, NK78, NK79, NK84, NK85, NK86, NK87, NK88, NK89, NK90, NK91, NK92, NK93, NK94, NK95, NK96, NK97, NK99, NL60, NL61, NL62, NL63, NL64, NL70, NL71, NL72, NL73, NL74, NL75, NL76, NL77, NL80, NL81, NL82, NL83, NL84, NL85, NL86, NL87, NL88, NL90, NL91, NL92, NL93, NL94, NL95, NL96, NL97, NL98, OL00, OL01 map
464 V5 NAMIBIA JG68, JG69, JG71, JG72, JG73, JG74, JG75, JG76, JG77, JG78, JG79, JG81, JG82, JG83, JG84, JG85, JG86, JG87, JG88, JG89, JG91, JG92, JG93, JG94, JG95, JG96, JG97, JG98, JG99, JH51, JH52, JH60, JH61, JH62, JH70, JH71, JH72, JH80, JH81, JH82, JH90, JH91, JH92, KG08, KG09, KH00, KH01, KH02, KH11, KH12, KH21, KH22 map
369 9N NEPAL NL07, NL08, NL09, NL17, NL18, NL19, NL26, NL27, NL28, NL29, NL36, NL37, NL38, NL46, NL47, NM00, NM10 map
263 PA NETHERLANDS JO11, JO20, JO21, JO22, JO23, JO30, JO31, JO32, JO33 map
187 5U NIGER JK02, JK03, JK04, JK05, JK11, JK12, JK13, JK14, JK15, JK23, JK24, JK25, JK26, JK27, JK28, JK29, JK33, JK34, JK35, JK36, JK37, JK38, JK39, JK42, JK43, JK44, JK45, JK46, JK47, JK48, JK49, JK53, JK54, JK55, JK56, JK57, JK58, JK59, JK63, JK64, JK65, JK66, JK67, JK68, JK69, JK75, JK76, JK77, JK78, JK79, JL30, JL31, JL40, JL41, JL42, JL50, JL51, JL52, JL53, JL60, JL61, JL62, JL63, JL70, JL71, JL72, JL73 map
450 5N NIGERIA JJ16, JJ17, JJ18, JJ19, JJ24, JJ25, JJ26, JJ27, JJ28, JJ29, JJ34, JJ35, JJ36, JJ37, JJ38, JJ39, JJ44, JJ45, JJ46, JJ47, JJ48, JJ49, JJ56, JJ57, JJ58, JJ59, JJ67, JJ68, JJ69, JK10, JK11, JK12, JK20, JK21, JK22, JK23, JK30, JK31, JK32, JK33, JK40, JK41, JK42, JK43, JK50, JK51, JK52, JK53, JK60, JK61, JK62, JK63, JK71, JK72, JK73 map
502 Z3 NORTH MACEDONIA KN00, KN01, KN02, KN11, KN12 map
265 GI NORTHERN IRELAND IO54, IO64, IO65, IO74 map
266 LA NORWAY JO28, JO29, JO37, JO38, JO39, JO48, JO49, JO58, JO59, JO69, JP20, JP21, JP22, JP30, JP31, JP32, JP33, JP40, JP41, JP42, JP43, JP44, JP50, JP51, JP52, JP53, JP54, JP55, JP56, JP57, JP60, JP61, JP62, JP63, JP64, JP65, JP66, JP67, JP68, JP74, JP75, JP76, JP77, JP78, JP79, JP86, JP87, JP88, JP89, JP98, JP99, JQ90, KP08, KP09, KP18, KP19, KP28, KP29, KP39, KP49, KP59, KQ00, KQ10, KQ11, KQ20, KQ21, KQ30, KQ31, KQ40, KQ41, KQ50 map
370 A4 OMAN LK66, LK67, LK68, LK69, LK76, LK77, LK78, LK79, LK87, LK88, LK89, LL70, LL71, LL72, LL73, LL74, LL80, LL81, LL82, LL83, LL84, LL85, LL86, LL90, LL91, LL92, LL93 map
372 AP PAKISTAN ML05, ML06, ML08, ML09, ML15, ML16, ML17, ML18, ML19, ML25, ML26, ML27, ML28, ML29, ML33, ML34, ML35, ML36, ML37, ML38, ML39, ML44, ML45, ML46, ML47, ML48, ML49, ML54, ML55, ML56, ML57, ML58, ML59, ML68, ML69, MM30, MM31, MM40, MM41, MM42, MM43, MM50, MM51, MM52, MM53, MM54, MM55, MM56, MM60, MM61, MM62, MM63, MM64, MM65, MM66, MM70, MM71, MM72, MM73, MM74, MM75, MM76, MM84, MM85, MM86 map
510 E4 PALESTINE KM71, KM72 map
132 ZP PARAGUAY GG24, GG25, GG26 map
269 SP POLAND JN89, JN99, JO70, JO71, JO72, JO73, JO74, JO80, JO81, JO82, JO83, JO84, JO90, JO91, JO92, JO93, JO94, KN09, KN19, KO00, KO01, KO02, KO03, KO04, KO10, KO11, KO12, KO13, KO14, KO20 map
272 CT PORTUGAL IM56, IM57, IM58, IM59, IM66, IM67, IM68, IM69, IN50, IN51, IN52, IN60, IN61 map
376 A7 QATAR LL54, LL55, LL56 map
522 Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO KN01, KN02, KN03 map
462 ZS REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA JF86, JF87, JF88, JF89, JF95, JF96, JF97, JF98, JF99, JG80, JG81, JG90, JG91, KF05, KF06, KF07, KF08, KF09, KF15, KF16, KF17, KF18, KF19, KF25, KF26, KF27, KF28, KF29, KF36, KF37, KF38, KF39, KF47, KF48, KF49, KF58, KF59, KG00, KG01, KG02, KG03, KG04, KG05, KG10, KG11, KG12, KG13, KG14, KG20, KG21, KG22, KG23, KG24, KG25, KG30, KG31, KG32, KG33, KG34, KG35, KG36, KG37, KG40, KG41, KG42, KG43, KG44, KG45, KG46, KG47, KG50, KG51, KG52, KG53, KG54, KG55, KG56, KG57, KG61, KG62, KG63 map
521 Z8 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN KJ18, KJ19, KJ27, KJ28, KJ29, KJ34, KJ35, KJ36, KJ37, KJ38, KJ39, KJ44, KJ45, KJ46, KJ47, KJ48, KJ49, KJ53, KJ54, KJ55, KJ56, KJ57, KJ58, KJ59, KJ63, KJ64, KJ65, KJ66, KJ67, KJ68, KJ69, KJ74, KJ75, KJ76, KJ77, KJ78, KJ79, KK20, KK40, KK50, KK60, KK61, KK62 map
412 TN REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO JI54, JI55, JI56, JI57, JI64, JI65, JI66, JI67, JI68, JI69, JI75, JI76, JI77, JI78, JI79, JI86, JI87, JI88, JI89, JJ60, JJ61, JJ62, JJ70, JJ71, JJ72, JJ80, JJ81, JJ82, JJ83, JJ91, JJ92, JJ93 map
275 YO ROMANIA KN04, KN05, KN06, KN07, KN13, KN14, KN15, KN16, KN17, KN18, KN23, KN24, KN25, KN26, KN27, KN33, KN34, KN35, KN36, KN37, KN38, KN43, KN44, KN45, KN46, KN47 map
454 9X RWANDA KI47, KI48, KI57, KI58 map
250 ZD7 SAINT HELENA IH73, IH74 map
278 T7 SAN MARINO JN63 map
219 S9 SAO TOME & PRINCIPE JI39, JJ30, JJ31 map
225 IS0 SARDINIA JM48, JM49, JN40, JN41 map
378 HZ SAUDI ARABIA KL76, KL77, KL78, KL79, KL84, KL85, KL86, KL87, KL88, KL89, KL90, KL91, KL92, KL93, KL94, KL95, KL96, KL97, KL98, KL99, KM80, KM81, KM90, KM91, KM92, LK06, LK07, LK08, LK09, LK16, LK17, LK18, LK19, LK27, LK28, LK29, LK36, LK37, LK38, LK39, LK47, LK48, LK49, LK58, LK59, LK69, LK79, LL00, LL01, LL02, LL03, LL04, LL05, LL06, LL07, LL08, LL09, LL10, LL11, LL12, LL13, LL14, LL15, LL16, LL17, LL18, LL19, LL20, LL21, LL22, LL23, LL24, LL25, LL26, LL27, LL28, LL29, LL30, LL31, LL32, LL33, LL34, LL35, LL36, LL37, LL38, LL39, LL40, LL41, LL42, LL43, LL44, LL45, LL46, LL47, LL48, LL50, LL51, LL52, LL53, LL54, LL55, LL56, LL60, LL61, LL62, LL63, LL70, LL71, LL72, LM00, LM01, LM10, LM11 map
279 GM SCOTLAND IO57, IO65, IO66, IO67, IO68, IO69, IO74, IO75, IO76, IO77, IO78, IO79, IO84, IO85, IO86, IO87, IO88, IO89, IO97, IO99, IP80, IP90 map
456 6W SENEGAL IK12, IK13, IK14, IK15, IK16, IK22, IK23, IK24, IK25, IK26, IK32, IK33, IK34, IK35, IK36, IK42, IK43 map
296 YT SERBIA JN93, JN94, JN95, JN96, KN01, KN02, KN03, KN04, KN05, KN06, KN12, KN13, KN14 map
379 S7 SEYCHELLES ISLANDS LH59, LI30, LI50, LI62, LI63, LI64, LI65, LI74, LI75, LI76, LI82 map
458 9L SIERRA LEONE IJ37, IJ38, IJ39, IJ46, IJ47, IJ48, IJ49 map
381 9V SINGAPORE OJ11, OJ21 map
504 OM SLOVAK REPUBLIC JN87, JN88, JN89, JN97, JN98, JN99, KN08, KN09, KN18, KN19 map
499 S5 SLOVENIA JN65, JN66, JN75, JN76, JN86 map
232 T5 SOMALIA LI08, LI09, LI19, LJ00, LJ01, LJ02, LJ03, LJ10, LJ11, LJ12, LJ13, LJ14, LJ19, LJ21, LJ22, LJ23, LJ24, LJ25, LJ28, LJ29, LJ32, LJ33, LJ34, LJ35, LJ36, LJ37, LJ38, LJ39, LJ44, LJ45, LJ46, LJ47, LJ48, LJ49, LJ58, LJ59, LK10, LK11, LK20, LK30, LK31, LK40, LK41, LK50, LK51 map
281 EA SPAIN IM66, IM67, IM68, IM69, IM76, IM77, IM78, IM79, IM86, IM87, IM88, IM89, IM96, IM97, IM98, IM99, IN51, IN52, IN53, IN60, IN61, IN62, IN63, IN70, IN71, IN72, IN73, IN80, IN81, IN82, IN83, IN90, IN91, IN92, IN93, JM08, JM09, JN00, JN01, JN02, JN11, JN12 map
315 4S SRI LANKA MJ96, MJ97, MJ98, MJ99, NJ05, NJ06, NJ07, NJ08, NJ09 map
466 ST SUDAN KJ19, KJ29, KJ39, KJ49, KJ59, KK02, KK03, KK10, KK11, KK12, KK13, KK14, KK15, KK20, KK21, KK22, KK23, KK24, KK25, KK26, KK27, KK28, KK29, KK30, KK31, KK32, KK33, KK34, KK35, KK36, KK37, KK38, KK39, KK40, KK41, KK42, KK43, KK44, KK45, KK46, KK47, KK48, KK49, KK50, KK51, KK52, KK53, KK54, KK55, KK56, KK57, KK58, KK59, KK60, KK61, KK62, KK63, KK64, KK65, KK66, KK67, KK68, KK69, KK70, KK71, KK72, KK73, KK74, KK75, KK76, KK77, KK78, KK79, KK82, KK83, KK84, KK85, KK86, KK87, KK88, KK89, KK97, KK98, KL20, KL21, KL30, KL31, KL40, KL41, KL50, KL51, KL60, KL61, KL70, KL71, KL72, KL73, KL80, KL81, KL82 map
140 PZ SURINAME GJ22, GJ23, GJ24, GJ25 map
259 JW SVALBARD JQ58, JQ59, JQ67, JQ68, JQ69, JQ76, JQ77, JQ78, JQ79, JQ86, JQ87, JQ88, JQ89, JQ94, JQ97, JQ98, JQ99, JR70, JR80, JR90, KQ07, KQ08, KQ09, KQ17, KQ18, KQ19, KQ26, KQ27, KQ29, KQ38, KQ39, KQ48, KQ59, KR00, KR10, KR20, KR30, KR50, KR60, KR80 map
284 SM SWEDEN JO57, JO58, JO59, JO65, JO66, JO67, JO68, JO69, JO75, JO76, JO77, JO78, JO79, JO86, JO87, JO88, JO89, JO96, JO97, JO98, JO99, JP60, JP61, JP62, JP63, JP64, JP70, JP71, JP72, JP73, JP74, JP75, JP76, JP80, JP81, JP82, JP83, JP84, JP85, JP86, JP87, JP88, JP90, JP92, JP93, JP94, JP95, JP96, JP97, JP98, KP03, KP04, KP05, KP06, KP07, KP08, KP09, KP15, KP16, KP17, KP18, KP25 map
287 HB SWITZERLAND JN26, JN35, JN36, JN37, JN45, JN46, JN47, JN56 map
384 YK SYRIA KM72, KM73, KM74, KM75, KM82, KM83, KM84, KM85, KM86, KM93, KM94, KM95, KM96, LM04, LM05, LM06, LM07, LM16, LM17 map
262 EY TAJIKISTAN MM37, MM39, MM46, MM47, MM48, MM49, MM56, MM57, MM58, MM59, MM66, MM67, MM68, MM69, MM77, MM78, MN40, MN50, MN51 map
470 5H TANZANIA KH78, KH79, KH80, KH81, KH82, KH83, KH84, KH85, KH86, KH87, KH88, KH89, KH98, KH99, KI43, KI44, KI45, KI50, KI51, KI52, KI53, KI54, KI55, KI56, KI57, KI58, KI60, KI61, KI62, KI63, KI64, KI65, KI66, KI67, KI68, KI70, KI71, KI72, KI73, KI74, KI75, KI76, KI77, KI78, KI80, KI81, KI82, KI83, KI84, KI85, KI86, KI87, KI90, KI91, KI92, KI93, KI94, KI95, KI96, LH09 map
387 HS THAILAND NJ88, NJ89, NJ96, NJ97, NJ98, NJ99, NK87, NK88, NK89, NK90, NK91, NK92, NK93, NK94, NK95, NK96, NK97, NK98, NK99, NL90, OJ05, OJ06, OJ07, OJ08, OJ09, OJ16, OK02, OK03, OK04, OK05, OK06, OK07, OK08, OK09, OK11, OK12, OK13, OK14, OK15, OK16, OK17, OK18, OK24, OK25, OK26, OK27, OK28, OL00 map
422 C5 THE GAMBIA IK13, IK23, IK33 map
483 5V7 TOGO IK90, IK91, JJ06, JJ07, JJ08, JJ09, JK00, JK01 map
474 3V TUNISIA JM33, JM34, JM40, JM41, JM42, JM43, JM44, JM45, JM46, JM47, JM50, JM51, JM52, JM53, JM54, JM55, JM56, JM57 map
390 TA TURKEY KM36, KM37, KM38, KM39, KM46, KM47, KM48, KM49, KM56, KM57, KM58, KM59, KM66, KM67, KM68, KM69, KM75, KM76, KM77, KM78, KM79, KM85, KM86, KM87, KM88, KM89, KM96, KM97, KM98, KM99, KN30, KN31, KN32, KN40, KN41, KN50, KN51, KN60, KN61, KN62, KN70, KN71, KN72, KN80, KN81, KN90, KN91, LM06, LM07, LM08, LM09, LM17, LM18, LM19, LM27, LM28, LM29, LN00, LN01, LN10, LN11, LN20 map
280 EZ TURKMENISTAN LM67, LM68, LM69, LM77, LM78, LM79, LM87, LM88, LM89, LM97, LM98, LM99, LN60, LN61, LN62, LN70, LN71, LN72, LN80, LN81, LN82, LN90, LN91, LN92, MM05, MM06, MM07, MM08, MM09, MM15, MM16, MM17, MM18, MM19, MM26, MM27, MM28, MM29, MM37, MM38, MN00, MN01, MN10 map
286 5X UGANDA KI48, KI49, KI58, KI59, KI69, KJ40, KJ50, KJ51, KJ52, KJ53, KJ60, KJ61, KJ62, KJ63, KJ70, KJ71, KJ72, KJ73, KJ74 map
288 UR UKRAINE KN17, KN18, KN19, KN27, KN28, KN29, KN37, KN38, KN39, KN45, KN46, KN47, KN48, KN49, KN55, KN56, KN57, KN58, KN59, KN64, KN65, KN66, KN67, KN68, KN69, KN74, KN75, KN76, KN77, KN78, KN79, KN85, KN86, KN87, KN88, KN89, KN97, KN98, KN99, KO10, KO11, KO20, KO21, KO30, KO31, KO40, KO41, KO50, KO51, KO52, KO60, KO61, KO62, KO70, KO71, KO72, KO80, KO90, LN08, LN09 map
391 A6 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES LL53, LL54, LL62, LL63, LL64, LL72, LL73, LL74, LL75, LL84, LL85, LL86 map
144 CX URUGUAY GF25, GF35, GF36, GF37 map
292 UJ UZBEKISTAN LN81, LN82, LN83, LN84, LN85, LN92, LN93, LN94, LN95, MM19, MM28, MM29, MM37, MM38, MM39, MM47, MM48, MM49, MN01, MN02, MN03, MN04, MN10, MN11, MN12, MN13, MN20, MN21, MN22, MN23, MN30, MN31, MN32, MN40, MN41, MN50, MN51, MN52, MN60, MN61 map
293 3W VIET NAM OJ28, OJ29, OJ39, OK20, OK21, OK27, OK28, OK29, OK30, OK31, OK32, OK33, OK34, OK35, OK36, OK37, OK38, OK40, OK41, OK42, OK43, OK44, OK45, OK46, OL00, OL01, OL10, OL11, OL12, OL20 map
294 GW WALES IO71, IO72, IO73, IO81, IO82, IO83 map
299 9M2 WEST MALAYSIA NJ96, OJ02, OJ03, OJ04, OJ05, OJ06, OJ11, OJ12, OJ13, OJ14, OJ15, OJ16, OJ21, OJ22, OJ23 map
302 S0 WESTERN SAHARA IL10, IL11, IL12, IL13, IL21, IL22, IL23, IL24, IL25, IL26, IL31, IL32, IL33, IL34, IL35, IL36, IL37, IL46, IL47, IL56, IL57 map
492 7O YEMEN LK12, LK13, LK14, LK15, LK16, LK17, LK22, LK23, LK24, LK25, LK26, LK27, LK33, LK34, LK35, LK36, LK37, LK43, LK44, LK45, LK46, LK47, LK48, LK54, LK55, LK56, LK57, LK58, LK62, LK65, LK66, LK67, LK68, LK72 map
482 9J ZAMBIA KH12, KH13, KH14, KH15, KH16, KH17, KH18, KH19, KH22, KH23, KH24, KH25, KH26, KH27, KH28, KH29, KH31, KH32, KH33, KH34, KH35, KH36, KH37, KH38, KH43, KH44, KH45, KH46, KH47, KH48, KH49, KH54, KH55, KH56, KH57, KH58, KH59, KH65, KH66, KH67, KH68, KH69, KI40, KI41, KI50, KI51, KI60 map
452 Z2 ZIMBABWE KG38, KG39, KG47, KG48, KG49, KG57, KG58, KG59, KG68, KG69, KH21, KH22, KH30, KH31, KH32, KH40, KH41, KH42, KH43, KH44, KH50, KH51, KH52, KH53, KH54, KH60, KH61, KH62, KH63 map