Rover Stations

Most stations who operate via QO-100 have done it always from the same grid. However there are some operators who have done it from multiple squares.

This page aims to be a "grid tracker" for those stations, as a recognition for those who rover from grid to grid and help for all the other chasing them.

Please note this list is incomplete. New calls will be added periodically and the existing will be updated as required.

Note: the information provided in these pages is done in good faith, to our best knowledge, based on the information on our database. It's subject to correction if more accurate information is found. If you find an error or omission, please let us know.

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Callsign Entity Grids Updated
3A/DL2GRC #107 MONACO JN33 2022-11-11
5T5PA/P MAURITANIA IK17, IK18, IK19, IK27, IK28, IK29, IL20 2022-09-21
9J2SEU/P #599 ZAMBIA KH14, KH15, KH25, KH43, KH44, KH46, KH48, KH56, KH57, KI40, KI51 2022-11-11
A2DQ319 BOTSWANA KG16 2022-09-11
A41ZZ/P #49 OMAN LK77, LK78, LK87, LK88, LK89, LL72, LL73, LL74, LL80, LL81, LL82, LL83, LL84, LL91, LL92 2022-11-11
CX/PR8KW #112 URUGUAY GF25, GF35, GF37 2022-09-21
DP0POL/MM #441 GD69, GD98, HD07, HD44, HD64, HD73, HD78, HH20, HH21, HH34, HH35, HH48, HH49, HH99, HI53, HI68, HI90, HI91, HJ71, HJ72, HJ76, HJ77, HJ89, HJ90, HJ93, HJ94, HJ95, HJ98, HJ99, HK81, HK82, HK85, HK97, HK98, HK99, HL90, IC45, IC46, IC47, IE17, IE25, IE26, IE55, IF10, IF19, IG04, IG08, IG09, IG10, IH05, IH09, IL04, IL17, IL27, IM21, IM35, IM36, IM49, IO90, JO00, JO12 2022-11-11
EC3TZ/P #174 SPAIN IM86, IM87, IM88, IM89, IM96, IM97, IN90, IN92, JM08, JM09, JN00, JN01, JN02, JN12 2022-09-22
EW8W/P #598 BELARUS KO41, KO43, KO52, KO54 2022-11-11
F/HB9GWJ/P #71 FRANCE IN86, IN87, IN97, JN05, JN06, JN15, JN16, JN26, JN27, JN35 2022-11-11
F4BKV/P #174 FRANCE IN92, IN93, IN96, IN97, JN03, JN04, JN06, JN08, JN14 2022-09-22
HB0/HB9GWJ #71 LIECHTENSTEIN JN47 2022-11-11
I/DL2GRC #107 ITALY JM79, JN33, JN34, JN35, JN43, JN44, JN45, JN46, JN54, JN55, JN60, JN61, JN62, JN64, JN70, JN71, JN72 2022-11-11
I1/DL2GRC/P #107 ITALY JN43 2022-11-11
I2/DL2GRC/P #107 ITALY JN45 2022-11-11
LA9TKA/P #123 NORWAY JO59, JP32, JP41, JP42, JQ90 2022-09-28
LA9XGA/P #38 NORWAY JO28, JO29, JO37, JO38, JO39, JO48, JO49, JO58, JO59, JO69, JP20, JP21, JP22, JP30, JP31, JP32, JP33, JP40, JP41, JP42, JP50, JP51, JP52, JP60, JP61, JP62, JP67, JP68, JP78, JP79, JP89, JP99, KP09, KP19, KQ10, KQ21, KQ40, KQ50 2022-09-12
MJ/HB9GWJ #71 JERSEY IN89 2022-11-11
OH/LA9XGA/P #38 FINLAND KP08, KP09 2022-09-12
OZ/DF2ET/P #5 DENMARK JO55, JO65 2022-09-22
PA/DF2ET/P #5 NETHERLANDS JO22 2022-09-22
PR8KW/P #112 BRAZIL GF37, GF38, GF39, GF48, GF49, GG50, GG51, GG53, GI27, GI97, HH07, HH17, HH18, HH19, HI06 2022-09-21
SM/DF2ET/P #5 SWEDEN JO66, JO75, JO76, JO77, JO86, JO87 2022-09-22
SM/LA9XGA/P #38 SWEDEN JP61, JP63, JP84, KP07 2022-09-12
SM3NRY #149 SWEDEN JP70, JP71, JP72, JP73, JP80, JP81, JP82, JP83, JP92, JP93 2022-09-21
SP5XSD/P #281 POLAND JN89, JN99, JO70, JO71, JO72, JO73, JO74, JO80, JO81, JO82, JO83, JO84, JO90, JO91, JO92, JO93, JO94, KN09, KN19, KO00, KO01, KO02, KO03, KO04, KO10, KO11, KO12, KO13, KO14, KO20 2022-09-12
T7/DL2GRC #107 SAN MARINO JN63 2022-11-11
TF1A/P #18 ICELAND HP83, HP95, IP03, IP05, IP14, IP15, IP24, IP25, IP35 2022-09-21
V5/OE3SEU/P #599 NAMIBIA JG75, JG76, JG77, JG78, JG81, JG83, JG84, JG87, JG88, JG93, JH60, JH61, JH62, JH63, JH70, JH71, JH72, JH80, JH81, JH82, KH01, KH12, KH22 2022-11-11
V55QO NAMIBIA JG75, JG77, JG82, JG83, JG87, JH70, JH80, JH81, JH92, KH02, KH12 2022-09-11
YL/LA9TKA/P #123 LATVIA KO07, KO17 2022-09-28
YL3NO #123 LATVIA KO26 2022-09-28
YL3NO/P #123 LATVIA KO06, KO07, KO16, KO27, KO28, KO36 2022-09-28
ZS/OE3SEU/P #599 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA JF87, JF95, JF97, JF98, JG89, KF05, KF15, KF16, KF25, KF26 2022-11-11
ZS95QO REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA JF96, JG80, KG30, KG33, KG34 2022-09-11