Here you can find the answers to some common questions.

Login / Email Registration

1. I didn't received the confirmation email. What I should do now?

Wait. Very often that solves the problem. Some mail servers take more time than others to forward the mail.

2. I have wait 5 mins and still haven't receive the confirmation email. What next?

Check your spam folder. If your confirmation email is not there, email us.

3. The confirmation link is invalid. Why?

The email confirmation link, due security reasons, is valid only once. If you click on it more than one time, it will report invalid.

Log Upload

1. Why my log didn't upload to QO-100 Dx Club?

This could be due several reasons, but all are due non compliance with the rules stated on Upload Log page. Please check the report file(s) to understand the reasons why the upload failed.

2. My log total DXCC SAT QSOs is different from QO-100 Dx Club. Why?

This could be due several reasons. The most obvious is you have made SAT QSOs via other satellites and those additional QSOs are not accepted on QO-100 Dx Club. The other usual reason is a DXCC is wrongly identified (eg 9M62MY is West Malaysia, not East Malaysia). Revise your log to make sure there is no wrong/missing information.

3. Do you recommend any log?

No. Most recent/maintained log programs export .adi files that comply with our rules.

4. I have done all described above, but still have errors/issues. What should I do?

Please email us your log and the report file so we can check it. Although we did exhaustive tests on our database, we cannot guaranty it's 100% exact, so there is a remote chance the problem is on our side.

5. How can I update my Ranking position/request a new Award?

Just upload your most recent log. You can change the log as many times you want. However those QSO used to claim the Award(s) cannot be deleted.

6. Do you check if the Grid Squares are valid?

Yes, we do. We have a database of all the land based grid squares under QO-100 footprint. We have a second datatabase, with all the grids of each DXCC. Your QSO grid needs to pass by both filters otherwise it will be flagged and listed und QSO with issues tab.

7. Is there a list of previous active DXCC via QO-100?

Yes, there is. Check here.

8. Can I download a list of all DXCC under QO-100 footprint.

Yes. Scroll down to the end of the Valid DXCC Entities page or click here.

9. My log does not export MY_GRIDSQUARE field. What can I do?

You have several options:

  • change log software (e.g. LOG4OM is free and support MY_GRIDSQUARE)
  • use ADIFMaster to edit your adif file
  • use a text editor to append the missing field, as described below:
    1. export all your log to an ADIF file
    2. use a text editor (like Textpad8 or Notepad++) and the *Search/Replace* function
    3. search for <EOR>
    4. replace with <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>xxxxxx<EOR>. Replace the xxxxxx with your own grid.
    5. upload your log to the club website
Please note: if you have operated from more then one location, you will need to repeat the process for every location!

10. Why are my WSJT-X logs not accepted?

Because the original WSJT-X software does not write SAT information to its logs.
There is a simple workaround for that: Try the WSJT-X improved version by DG2YCB.
This has a patch by DF2ET which adds propagation mode, satellite name and RX frequency fields to the log window and writes this information to the ADIF file as well. This file can directly be uploaded to the qo100dx.club then.

QSL Upload

1. Why the QSL card I uploaded is not displayed on the Gallery page?

This could be several reasons. Please be aware currently we only accept scans of paper QSLs that meet ALL these criteria:

  • be a high quality scan .png or .jpg format
  • be at least 800 pixels in width
  • not exceed 6Mb

We do NOT accept:

  • croocked, disaligned or poor quality scans
  • cards not received by you
  • duplicates of existing QSLs
  • eQSL (or other electronic formats)
  • cards without mentioning the QSO was made via satellite (even the uplink frequency is correct)
  • cards without mentioning that QSO was made via QO-100 satellite (when no uplink band or sat mode is mentioned)
  • your card sent by you (with or without any data on it)
  • duplicates of existing QSLs, except when the design is different

We wish to keep the QSL Gallery a showcase of the nice paper QSLs that radio amateurs still insist in exchange, as an alternative to the more modern digital exchange of digital pictures. If you plan to submit a scan or photo of your QSL card please take the time to produce a high quality image, without any extra borders or other elements not part of the card, and where the same is properly aligned. Slanted, rotated or otherwise not orthogonal cards will not be accepted.