Operating Tips


Make sure you read and understand the NB transponder rules BEFORE you operate!
You can read the full NB transponder rules for QO-100 at https://amsat-dl.org/en/p4-a-nb-transponder-bandplan-and-operating-guidelines/

We also recommend to read "Ethics and Procedure for Radio Amateur" book, by ON4UN and ON4WW. Download a free copy here.
It was written mainly for HF but many aspects are applicable to Satellite operations, such as QSO elements, ethics and pileup handling.

Any Mode

For SDR#, add the lines below to BandPlan.xml file:
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489500000" maxFrequency="10489505000" mode="CW" step="10" color="red">B</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489505000" maxFrequency="10489540000" mode="CW" step="10" color="blue">CW</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489540000" maxFrequency="10489580000" mode="USB" step="500" color="navy">NB DIGI</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489580000" maxFrequency="10489650000" mode="USB" step="500" color="yellow">DIGI</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489650000" maxFrequency="10489745000" mode="USB" step="500" color="green">SSB</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489745000" maxFrequency="10489755000" mode="CW" step="500" color="red">B</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489755000" maxFrequency="10489850000" mode="USB" step="500" color="green">SSB</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489850000" maxFrequency="10489870000" mode="USB" step="10" color="red">Emergency</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489870000" maxFrequency="10489990000" mode="USB" step="500" color="brown">CONTEST</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489990000" maxFrequency="10490000000" mode="CW" step="10" color="red">B</RangeEntry>

For SDR Console, see here.


If you know a tip not listed above, please let us know, so we can included it in this page. Thank you.