Operating Tips

Please read the NB transponder rules NOW if you haven't done it yet!

We also recommend to read "Ethics and Procedure for Radio Amateur" book, by ON4UN and ON4WW. Download a free copy here.
It was written mainly for HF but many aspects are applicable to Satellite operations, such as QSO elements, ethics and pileup handling.

Any Mode

For SDR#, add the lines below to BandPlan.xml file:
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489500000" maxFrequency="10489505000" mode="CW" step="10" color="red">B</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489505000" maxFrequency="10489540000" mode="CW" step="10" color="blue">CW</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489540000" maxFrequency="10489580000" mode="USB" step="500" color="navy">NB DIGI</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489580000" maxFrequency="10489650000" mode="USB" step="500" color="yellow">DIGI</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489650000" maxFrequency="10489745000" mode="USB" step="500" color="green">SSB</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489745000" maxFrequency="10489755000" mode="CW" step="500" color="red">B</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489755000" maxFrequency="10489850000" mode="USB" step="500" color="green">SSB</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489850000" maxFrequency="10489870000" mode="USB" step="10" color="red">Emergency</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489870000" maxFrequency="10489990000" mode="USB" step="500" color="brown">CONTEST</RangeEntry>
<RangeEntry minFrequency="10489990000" maxFrequency="10490000000" mode="CW" step="10" color="red">B</RangeEntry>

For SDR Console, see here.


If you know a tip not listed above, please let us know, so we can included it in this page. Thank you.