DX4WIN Export Guide

How to export a partial ADIF file on DX4WIN and upload to QO-100 Dx Club site?

  1. Navigate to File → Preferences
  2. Select QSO Tab
  3. Under QSO Date select Range
    Select QSO Date Range
  4. Then click File and select Save changes and Exit
  5. Press F8 key
  6. Get date range window will pop up
  7. Input the Start and End Dates and press OK
  8. Click File, then Import/Export
  9. Select ADIF and then File → Export
  10. Type the name of the file
  11. Press Save
  12. The Information window will popup
  13. Press Yes
  14. Then press OK.
  15. The ADIF file is saved on the default folder.
  16. With a text editor (eg TextPad, notepad++ or similar, but not Notepad for Windows or Word) open the partial ADIF file. (Example using TextPad8)
  17. Look for Replace under Search menu
  18. On Find what: type the text you are looking for. On Replace with, type the new text.
  19. You will need to use this feature multiple times:
    • Find <BAND:3>3cm Replace with <BAND:4>13cm
    • Find <EOR> Replace with <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>xxyyxx <EOR>
    If a station operated from a border of 2 or 4 grids squares:
    • Find >GRIDSQUARE:6>xxyyxx Replace with <VUCC_GRIDS:9>xxyy,xxyy or <VUCC_GRIDS:19>xxyy,xxyy,xxyy,xxyy
  20. Each time press Replace All
  21. Once done, Save the ADIF file and upload it to QO-100 Dx Club page
  22. Job done