XW Laos


Vincent, F4BKV (QO-100 Dx Club #174) will soon be back in Laos as XW4KV for some weeks, and he plans some side activity on QO-100.

Here is the tentative schedule:

10-14 July 2024: OK17

15-16 July 2024: OL10

18 July 2024: OK09 (not confirmed, very short activity during morning)

20-21 July 2024: OK23

21 July 2024: OK33 (not confirmed, very short activity during morning)

22-24 July 2024: OK24

Please note: this is not a radio trip. He will be touring with non radio friends and family, so activity to be expected during free time (most probably on local evenings).

Also this year will be even more challenging as he will only have a 45cm offset dish (compared to 80cm in previous trips). Remember Laos is at the edge of the coverage and no sea path to the sat!

After 25 July 2024 he will be travelling to Cambodia where he plans to visit the Ministry to Telecom. It's very unlikely they will allow him to operate from there (even if he has his station), but the goal is to prospect any future possibilities.

TNX Vincent, F4BKV for the info.