Scandinavian rover


Dietmar, DK5OPA will be roving in Finland as OH5DEV between 16 May and 15 Jul 2024, where he plans to activate JP90, KP00, KP01, KP02, KP03, KP13, KP14, KP24 and KP25 grid squares.


Here is the plan: after the ferry crossing from Travemünde to Malmö, we will go comfortably to Kapellskär, from where we will take the ferry to Mariehamn on the Ålands on May 22nd, 2024.

There it intends to be QRV initially from the western part of grid JP90 and later from grid KP00 under OH0/OH5DEV. Depending on the weather, Dietmar plans to spend around 10 days on the Ålands.

As the journey continues, Dietmar continues to Turku. He plans the next stop near Rauma in grid KP01. The plan is to travel along the Finnish Baltic Sea coast to Tornio.

If everything goes well, Dietmar will also take to the air from the large fields KP02, KP03, KP13, KP14, KP24 and KP25 under his Finnish call sign OH5DEV.

Once in Sweden, we head down the Baltic Sea coast to Trelleborg. After that the trip will be a surprise package.

There are no fixed destinations in Sweden yet. And the 100mW transmission power via the satellite in Sweden will also limit the possibilities.


TNX Stefan, DJ5KX for the info.