URE 75th anniversary


The Union of Spanish Radio Amateurs (URE) is celebrating it's 75th anniversary.

During April 2024 a number of special calls will be available on different bands, including QO-100.

The relevant aspects for the satellite operation are:

  • Each callsign can be operated for more than one station, meaning it can be from more than one grid locator.
  • QRZ grid information is WRONG on most callsigns. Please check the correct grid with the operator (if it does not announce it, just ask).
  • The suffix represents the Autonomous Community, according to the list (and map) below:
    • AO75AN (Andalusia)
    • AO75AR (Aragon)
    • AO75IC (Canary Island) (EA8)
    • AO75CA (Cantabria)
    • AO75CL (Castile and León)
    • AO75CM (Castilla-La Mancha)
    • AO75CT (Catalonia)
    • AO75MA (Madrid Community)
    • AO75NA (Foral Community of Navarra)
    • AO75CV (Valencia Community)
    • AO75EX (Extremadura)
    • AO75GA (Galicia)
    • AO75IB (Balearic Islands) (EA6)
    • AO75LR (La Rioja)
    • AO75MC (Melilla and Ceuta) (EA9)
    • AO75EU (Basque Country)
    • AO75PA (Principality of Asturias)
    • AO75MU (Murcia Region)
    • AO75URE (Spain)


For more information, please see here