SSB Sprint Contest results


Dear Club Members

The 2nd QO-100 Dx Club SSB Sprint was the contest most participated so far.

Unfortunately, with more participants came more incidents. The 3 major problems were:

  • logs uploaded as Checklog by mistake. We had several cases and we offer some tolerance for changes until the log deadline. But, please, only tick the box if you really don't want to be classified. Otherwise leave it unticked. 
  • ADIF files (wrongly) manipulated. If you use a logging software correctly, there is no reason to manipulate a log. But if you have one (eg wrong date), please use the proper tool to do it (eg ADIF Master). Please also be aware we provide the Logchecker as a tool to help to determine if the log is ok or not ok. However, this is not an exhaustive tool and it's does not detect every single non compliance, so we accept no responsability for your log compliance to the rules.
  • stations operating outside the contest segment! Seriously? How hard is it to operate only on the contest segment? Just put a marker on your SDR software. If you are unsure what is your Tx frequency, listen your downlink on a WebSDR (eg BATC) and you will know for sure. By the way, the rule applies for those calling below .870, but also for the stations replying to those stations! On this occasion, the offending stations did not submit their logs. If they have done it, they would have been disqualified and any QSO with those stations would have worth zero points.

Last, but not least, although we always thought of this contest as a mono operator activity only, we didn't pass the idea to paper, so we decided to make one change to rules, to make that clear.

Once again, that you for participation and please read and comply with the rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.

73 QO-100 DX Club team