5T5PA/P **Updated**


Johannes, PA5X/5T5PA is on the road today, working as 5T5PA/P. His plan is to make 4 stops and activate grids IL20, IK29, IK19, IK18.

One grid activation stop could be between 30min - 1 hr (portable from car), to start approx at 12:30h, frequency 10489.900Mhz working split and listening up. 

UPDATE: 5T5PA/P was active 10th July from IL20ap (1330-1440z), IK29ax (1600-1650z) and IK19xl (1745-1840z). Johannes said he will be QRV again tomorrow morning.

Update July 11th - Johannes worked from 4 different grids today: IK28ac (0950-1055z), IK18xc (1120-1200z), IK17xx (1240-1330z) and IK27ax (1350-1455z).

More informations on his tweeter feed.