DP0POL/MM is back! **Update #5**


Update 21 Jan 2024: The Polarstern it's currently on the edge of the footprint. Today it was QRV from OE24 as DP0POL using FT4 mode.



Update 9 Jan 2024: The Polastern is currently cruising NC75, no longer on the QO-100 footprint. However, given the duration of the trip, it's likely it will be QRV again later.


Update 15 Dec 2023:  QSP from Matthias, DD1US: "Sorry for the bad news: all QSOs today with DP0POL or DP0POL/MM were fakes, DP0POL/MM was not active today on QO-100. I talked with Andy (the Operator) and he confirmed."

He also add Andy was active as DP0POL using FT4 mode from MC87 yesterday.


Update 10 Dec 2023: Yesterday, DP0POL/MM did some tests using FT8 and FT4 mode.

This was the first time the Polarstern was QRV using the Digital modes via QO-100.

According to Matthias, DD1US, transmission on this mode is "likely to happen again"



Update 05 Dec 2023: After a resupply stop in Cape Town, the Polastern is now on route to Hobart, Australia.

Today Andreas was QRV from LE12 and, hopefully, until the ship leaves the sat footprint, he will operate from a few more (very rare) grids.

TNX Matthias, DD1US for the info.


DP0POL/MM, the Research Vessel Polarstern is on the way to the Neumayer-Station III (DP0GVN) and it's QRV once again via QO-100 since today.

The current operator is Andy, DL3LRM and he will operate mostly SSB, but occasionally CW as well.

TNX Matthias, DD1US for the info.