GD Isle of Man


Udo DL2AQI and Torsten DL4APJ (QO-100 Dx Club #91) are traveling to the Isle of Man (IO74pd) for a radio expedition between 10 - 20 Sep 2023, to operate 80m to 10m in CW, SSB and Digimodes (RTTY, PSK, FT8/FT4 etc.).

They are hoping to loan the equipment from Peter, DJ2AX so they can operate QO-100 as well.

They also plan to be active on other bands (2m/70cm/23cm/...), but this depends on local conditions and can therefore only be decided on site.

QSL homecall via the DARC office or directly, for DL4APJ also via eQSL, LOTW, Clublog,,

More info here.

TNX Florian, DF2ET for the info