9L Sierra Leone **Update #8**


Update 05 Dec 20223 @ 09.00z: 9L5M is now QRT. TNX Shabu for his effort to be QRV via QO-100.


Update 04 Dec 2023: Tomorrow is the last day of 9L5M Dxpedition. Shabu will be QRV between 06.00-0700z.


Update 02 Dec 2023 @ 06.00z: Shabu will be QRV today on QO-100 between 06.45 and 08.30z.


Update 01 Dec 2023: 9L5M is QRV since 12.50z. Shabu did a just few test QSO near the beach, to make sure everything is working fine. Now is going to relocate the full system near his cabin and return later. 


Update 29 Nov 2023: Yesterday afternoon Shabu tried to setup his QO-100 station but found it very difficult to aim to the satellite due the dense vegetation (see photo).

Today he moved the station to other location (with a clear path to the sat), but the persistent rain did not help. He will try again tomorrow.

Please note: the 9L5M station active today on FT8 mode was a pirate!