LA9XGA/P SOTA **Updated**


Tor-Atle, LA9XGA (QO-100 Dx Club #38) is a big SOTA enthusiast and, unlike others, he does most of his summit activities via satellite.

He used to operate only LEO sats, but since May he is also QRV via QO-100 using his Portable setup.

Today he is QRV from JO49ao. His past activities were from JO39 (May 1st and 8th), JO29 (May 9th) and JP30 (May 11th).

18May2021 Update: Tor was active from JP20xa

20May2021 Update: Today Tor was active from JO48ex

23May2021 Update: Tor was QRV from JO40jb

You can follow his activities on Twitter.