Update 04 Nov 2022 12.0z: Here is the latest email received from Mikio "Hello! Thank you for supports during my VK9QO operation from Christmas Island, VK9X. I regret I couldn't work all the people who wanted to work VK9C and VK9X, due to weather and equipment problems. I have just returned to my home QTH and now waiting extra large baggages from Kansai Airport. I have not reviewed the original hand written Log yet. So please don't ask if your QSO was confirmed or not! I need more days......"

Update 29 Oct 2022 16.30z: Many have already worked Mikio in cross mode (he transmitts CW, receives SSB). This is because his uplink signal is too weak for SSB. Nevertheless he has done an heroic effort to give a new one via QO-100 today.

He will restart operating at 23.00z today and will operate during most of his Monday (31 Oct 2022). He will upload all QSO to LOTW after his return home.

Update 29 Oct 2022 12.00z: Mikio installed his setup this morning but he had to sort a number of technical issues. Currently he is receiving the NB transponder but he can't ear his downlink yet. 

Update 28 Oct 2022 14.30z: Mikio arrived on Christmas earlier today. "It is a very good location indeed. I enjoyed Sunset of the Indian Ocean." The time to start the operations is uncertain at this moment. Mikio only said "It will take more hours to set up."

We remind our members VK9QO activity is likely to take place until 31st Oct, from Christmas Island (VK9X) only. The grid locator is OH29.

Update 27 Oct 2022 01.30z: The VK9QO saga continues. This is the latest information received from Mikio: "Good News, Hope still remains! I found a Friday Flight to XCH on 2022-10-28 this early morning, and booked it. If this flight fly, I can restart VK9X operation on 28-31 as scheduled. I will go to the airport early in the morning tomorrow. Please keep fingers crossed. Thank you for your patience."

Update 26 Oct 2022 14.30z: Unfortunately Mikio san had to cancel his DXPedition and fly back home. He does not have a chance to visit Cocos Keeling Island or Christmas Island in the next days. He will try again in the future to activate both locations via QO-100. The most important thing is that he will get back home safely. (TNX Matthias DD1US for the info)

Update 26 Oct 2022 03.00z: Further information confirms the flight cancelation was due weather, not anything related to the airplane. Mikio JA3GEP is currently in Perth, pending the weather conditions improvment/flight rechedule.

Update 25 Oct 2022 10.00z: The DX-Pedition to Cocos Keeling Island is postponed by one day due to problems with the airplane. Hopefully he will arrive tomorrow and activate the island as VK9QO on QO-100. Mikio san is doing well and is safe. (TNX Matthias DD1US for the info)

Update 23 Oct 2022 16.00zMikio, JA3GEP is already on transit to Cocos Island. You can see below a couple photos of the luggage before check in.