Oman Grids Award (OGA)


The Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society, A47RS is pleased to announce the launch of Oman Grids Award (OGA) in honor of the State of Qatar for the launch of the first geostationary satellite, Es'hail-2, (QO100 SAT) for the amateur radio community.

Award is available to all amateur radio stations who will establish a two-way radio contacts in any mode (Phone, Morse code, Digital) with Omani amateur radio stations, from different maidenhead grid square locators in Sultanate of Oman via Es’hail-2 satellite (QO-100).

There are 27 different maidenhead grid square locators in Oman

LL93 LL90 LL84 LL81 LL73 LL70 LK87 LK77 LK68

LL92 LL86 LL83 LL80 LL72 LK89 LK79 LK76 LK67

LL91 LL85 LL82 LL74 LL71 LK88 LK78 LK69 LK66

There will be six different award certificates:

  1. Working 5 different grids (OGA-5)
  2. Working 10 different grids (OGA-10)
  3. Working 15 different grids (OGA-15)
  4. Working 20 different grids (OGA-20)
  5. Working 25 different grids (OGA-25)
  6. Working All Oman grids (OGA-All)

For more information, please contact the OGA award manger, Khalid Al.Jardani A41ZZ