Iceland rover


Info received from Ari, TF1A (QO-100 Dx Club #18) today:

"Hello from Iceland 

I will open new GRID around the island for first time on Satellite and on QO-100

Not sure when this will happend again 

Next 7 days I will drive around the island and stop for QSO 

This trip cost over $3000  (high  season time for turist) but winter this is not easy.

If you have spare $$  please send some to paypal

I will try to make all the priroty to my founders . But try to get all grid hunter happy .

GRID I will open are HP95 IP05 IP16 IP26 IP25 IP24 IP13 (RARE grid also on HF) IP03  the are more I can open of I get more time .

As you see for only 7 days this is not easy but I will do my best. It take time to set up the system plus high mountains and live volcano :) . If I have good found I will give me 10 days for it (renting caravan cost $$ :(

Hotel cost more.  I will give me time and car free for this trip.

Callsign in use   TF1A /P