Polish grids


Andy, SP5XSD (Q0-100 Dx Club #281) will sign /P from 10 south SP grids: JO81, JO71, JO70, JO80, JN89, JO90, JN99, KN09, KO00, KN19 (if WX and other factors permit), plus JO91, KO10, KO11, KO01 (see below).
The schedule is:

  • JO91(?), JO81 - Wednesday June 15th or Thursday June 16th
  • JO71, JO70, JO80, JN89 Thursday June 16th or Friday June 17th
  • JO90, JN99 Friday June 17th or Saturday June 18th
  • KN09, KO00, KN19 Saturday June 18th or Sunday June 19th
  • KO10(?), KO11(?), KO01(?) Sunday June 19th

    (?)- probably in the meantime, however not a priority.

Andy will be QRV for short periods in each grid, max. 1 hour.

Please monitor 10489720 USB +/- QRM and check his page for more information.

LOTW confirmation will be sure as always.