Polish grids June 3 to 6


Andy SP5XSD  (QO-100 Dx Club #281) will by /P from  JO91, JO92, JO93, JO82, JO83, JO72, JO73, JO74, JO84 and JO94.

The schedule is:

  • JO91, JO92, JO93 - Friday June 3rd
  • JO82, JO83 - Friday June 3rd or Saturday June 4th
  • JO72, JO73 - Saturday June 4th
  • JO74 - Saturday June 4th or Sunday June 5th
  • JO84 - Sunday June 5th
  • JO94 - Monday June 6th

Andy will be QRV for short periods in each grid, max. 1 hour.