DP0POL/MM is now QRT


DP0POL/MM, the portable station aboard the Polarstern, is QRV again via QO-100.

The ship is currently off the coast of Brazil (HH21wm @21z April 10), on her return home.

The operator said they will be back tomorrow (Sunday) at 19z or earlier.

Update at 22z April 11: DP0POL/MM was QRV between 2130-2200z at HH35 grid square. Andy went QRT due QRM and said he will be back tomorrow at 13z. It was also reported Andy participaded on Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest. 

Update at 22z April 12: Andy was back on QO-100 today at 14z (from HH48mo), but didn't stay longer. He returned to the NB tp later (at 19z) and during nearly 2h he worked many stations from HH49. He said he will try to return again tomorrow.

Additional information provided by Felix, DL5XL: Andy home call sign is DL3LRM, the ship is schedulled to arrive at Bremerhaven (Germany) on April 29 and QSL is via DL5EBE. 

Update at 22z April 13: DP0POL/MM had another huge pileup (between 20.00-21.30z) and worked many stations from HI53, despite jamming over his Tx frequency. 

Update at 21.40z April 14: Tonight Andy was QRV from grid sqare HI68, very close to the Equator. He went QRT after less than an hour due rain. He said he will be back tomorrow, weather permitting. 

Update at 22z April 15: DP0POL/MM was QRV early today (1830-2000z) from 2 grid squres: HJ71 and HJ72.

Update at 22z April 16: Andy endured a marathon tonight! During 2 hours (19-21z) he handle a continuous pileup at # HJ76. He promised to be back tomorrow,  weather permitting.

Update at 21z April 17: Another long pile up (19-21z), this time from grid HK81. Andy said he will return tomorrow, to participate on World Amateur Radio Day.

Update at 20z April 18: Today DP0POL/MM was active for a little over one hour (1815-1925z). The Polastern was traveling @11kn East of Maio Is. (Cape Verde, D4). The grid HK85 has been on the air before hence the smaller pileup. He promise to return tomorrow.

Update at 21z April 19: Andy had a good run today from 1915-2030z at HL90 grid. He said he will return tomorrow.

Update at 21z April 21: Despite some technical issues, Andy run a good pileup for one and half hours (1925-2055z). The Polarstern was cruising at 10.5kn betweek Tenerife and Gran Canaria islands (EA8) on IL17 grid.  We had reports yesterday DP0POL/MM was QRV from IL04 grid for less than one hour.

Update at 21z April 22: Today DP0POL/MM was active for from 18-19z from grid IM21.

Update at 21z April 23: Andy endured a long operation today (from 1800 to 2040z). Initially DP0POL/MM was at IM35 but at 1950z she moved to IM36 and the pileup restarted.

Update at 19z April 24: Today DP0POL/MM was active for from 18-19z from grid IM49. He went QRT very close to IN40. 

Update at 21z April 25: There were no reports of today activity from DP0POL/MM. However there is good news: the QSO's of the return trip have been uploaded to LOTW

Update at 20z April 27: After 2 days QRT due strong waves while crossing the Bay of Biscay, DP0POL was QRV again tonight, on this occasion from IO90 grid, for a little over one hour (1830-1940z). Andy said he will try to return again tomorrow, likely the last time on this trip. 

Update at 19.30z April 28: Andy operated DP0POL/MM for the last time on this trip.  He had a good pileup for nearly 2h (1715-1850z) from JO12. You can listen his fairwell message here.

In our name, and on behalf of all QO-100 DX Club members, we would like to say a big Thank You to Felix, Theresa and Andy (and everyone else who helped to make this project possible). It has an unprecedented operation, that generated hundrends of hours of very intense activity and over 40 new (very rare) grids for those who chase VUCC award. We hope this was the first of many times of DP0POL/MM via QO-100!

73 de QO-100 Dx Club team

Photo by Hannes Grobe, Alfred Wegener Institute.