ZP Paraguay


Conrad PY5ZUE (QO-100 Dx Club #263) will drive to Paraguay border on Saturday (05 Mar 2022) and will try to enter the country. This time he cannot operate from previous year's location, which is why he first has to look for a new location after overcoming the hurdle of entry.

The first attempt is planned in GG25 alternatively in GG26. Watch out for him on QO-100 14:00 UTC the earliest. He will operate with the call sign ZP4/PY5ZUE. Please be patient with him as he is having RX difficulties.

Please keep in mind this is another very low elevation location, subject to QSB, hence Conrad request: "Attention: Please listen to my information. I cannot permanently listen back to my signal. There is strong fading on the transmit and receive side. The receive side is the biggest challenge for me. When I call a station, please all others do not speak. This helps me to understand the weak signal. VY 73 Conrad PY5ZUE

To better understand his working conditions, check the video below from his operation from GG35.