Update 26 Feb 2022 @1820z: Today Conrad surprised us working from the border of 2 grids. In this case and on any similar case where a station is working from more than a single grid square (2 or 4), please do NOT log individual QSO, even with different time. Instead use the <VUCC_GRIDS:x> adif field. On today PY5ZUE/P activation, it should be  <VUCC_GRIDS:9>GG22,GG32  (exactly like that, no spaces!). If your log does not support it, use an editor (such as TextPad8 or Notepad++) to manually add the field to your log file. Thank you for your cooperation.

Conrad, PY5ZUE (QO-100 Dx Club #263) is planning to be QRV tomorrow afternoon (26 Feb 2022) from a new grid. He will be somewhere around the small town of Tiradentes do Sul in GG22.

As there the WX forecast is not very favourable he might cancel his plans to be QRV from there on short notice.

Please keep in mind this is another very low elevation location, subject to QSB, hence Conrad request: "Attention: Please listen to my information. I cannot permanently listen back to my signal. There is strong fading on the transmit and receive side. The receive side is the biggest challenge for me. When I call a station, please all others do not speak. This helps me to understand the weak signal. VY 73 Conrad PY5ZUE

To better understand his working conditions, check the video below from his operation from GG35.

Please be aware Conrad always sign portable when he operates outside is regular QTH. If your QSO is on "QSO with Issues" list, just add the /P and it will be ok.