ZB2 Gibraltar **Update**


Update 03 Mar 2022 20z: Since 15.30z today ZB2GI and ZB2BU from Gibraltar (IM76) have been working stations on NB transponder.

From Antonio, DL4EA twitter feed: "I am going to ZB2 and try LEO Sats. in March. Exact dates may change, but this is the plan. I will try to be on linear and FM birds. For QO-100 I will carry the equipment but operation is still not confirmed. I have the customs paperwork for an IC-705 and TM-733. Linear sats will be semi duplex. Arrow antennas and a 60cm dish/poty. Aim is to get QO-100 familiar to ZB2 hams and make many NA,SA QSOs. Thanks GRA, ZB2 hams and my family for their support.Vy 73"