GG25 and GG35 Grids


Update 14 Feb 2022: Conrad made a short video of his working conditions on the limit of QO-100 footprint. It's very interesting to observe the downlink QSB (despite shorter, it reminds AO-10 deep fades). See the video below.

Update 13 Feb 2022 21z: For those who did QSO with Conrad this morning, please be aware the correct grid is GG25UA (the same as previous day), despite what the operator said during the QSO.  In the afternoon Conrad operated from GG35AA.

Conrad, PY5ZUE (QO-100 Dx Club #263) will operate portable this Saturday (12 Feb 2022) from GG25, starting around 10:00h UTC. The elevation is only 0,3°! Mode: SSB and Sunday (13 Feb 2022) from GG35, starting around 10:00h UTC. The elevation is only 0,6°! Mode: SSB

Station TX - Yaesu FT790, BU500, 8W W-Lan PA ( SSB approx. 1W) 60cm Dish and 3,5 Wdg. Helix RX - LNB and SDR Console

Request from the operator: "Attention: Please listen to my information. I cannot permanently listen back to my signal. There is strong fading on the transmit and receive side. The receive side is the biggest challenge for me. When I call a station, please all others do not speak. This helps me to understand the weak signal. VY 73 Conrad PY5ZUE"